Transfer portal and early signing

So early signing is coming up quickly. I am starting to wonder how this will affect the portal. This portal is open for 45 days and I am surprised at how many people are not in the portal. I expected the first day to explode. Last year there were over 3000 folks in the portal and this year. I really thought more would enter on day one, and maybe it will trickle in but less than 900 people have entered so far. That number might be large and maybe my perception is off.

But I also wonder if some folks are waiting to play their bowl before they jump out, like one more highlight reel. Or if they are waiting to see which high school recruit signs, but that info is pretty easy to see and find. Also not a lot of day one commits.

Maybe the dominoes are about to start falling or maybe with the amount of kids that did not find a landing spot last year is a warning that the grass is not always greener, sometime there is no grass at all.

Looking forward to an interesting December.

Could it also be all those kids last year used their free transfer and can’t move again without sitting out?

Maybe many saw that 50-60% didn’t land anywhere and no longer had a scholarship


I was thinking that as well.