Transfer Portal Rules

We’ve all been caught up in the portal parade, but I started thinking about the idea of transferring in general, and wondering about the rate of difference et cet. Well according to AACU 37% of students transfer at least once. Take out 2 year schools (required to transfer if you want to advance) and you are left with a general transfer rate of 22%.
With that in mind, it seems like athletes were being restricted pretty severely compared to the general student and that now things will just be more in line with the national average.

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Actually the one time transfer rule without having to petition to play at your new school is a smart way of keeping interest in college basketball :basketball: also, when the NBA implements straight out of HS to Pros or even with the G League already or any other professional route like overseas, Overtime or other professional venue like the John Lucas rumor league.

Is sort of like free agency and being able to build a super team in a faster way because kids don’t stay at school that long these days & there is an NBA combine now with being able to declare even with the option on returning or not.

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To me this was about money. Right now the money was being spent on high schoolers, AAU coaches, etc.

Now the money will be spent on players who have proven themselves in college.

This will never stop. There will always be someone coming from HS with a hand out and get that :moneybag: from those so called blue blood programs.

I actually think it will. The no doubt sure fire can’t miss guys are going to go D-League or over seas. That leaves the the question marks and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay up for them when they can leave you anytime.

The LSU coach was offering $100k for Jevonte Smart a 4 star.

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