Transitioned teen speaks

No republican or democrat. Listen to this human girl give her account of transitioning. It’s hard to listen to and not break your heart.

If you can’t buy tobacco until you’re 18 then you damn sure shouldn’t be able to have any sort of gender transition surgeries or hormone blocking prescriptions…



I haven’t listened and don’t know the full story, so someone please explain to me. She is suing the doctors for performing procedures that she requested?

Please fill me in

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“She was told she was trans”
It doesn’t work that way


We’ll eventually get to a point in humanity where genetic engineering is possible

If an Asian person wants blue eyes and blonde hair, what makes that any different than wanting to be a girl if you’re born a boy

I don’t give a damn if you transition… Once you’re an ADULT.

Also, just get you a pair of contacts…:rofl:

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I’m okay with any treatments which are reversible, which probably eliminates all surgeries and some drugs.

It is impossible to put yourself in the shoes of the kids, parents, and doctors. I’d be emotionally exhausted in 10 minutes. IDK how people navigate all this.

Sometimes kids need to be told that they are still kids and they don’t get to make some choices until they’re adults…


See Sam bankman or Elizabeth Holmes and tel me adults make good decisions

Mutually exclusive… Whether adults make bad choices is irrelevent to not allowing MINORS to make choices that affect their physical bodies, like smoking and drinking, until they’re ADULTS.

Yeah, that’s being done every day at every high school, chief. Contacts and hair dye. Not a great example.


I’m sure it will be allowed. Why wouldn’t it be? Just changing pigment. Still a terrible example.

Legal implications and would reinforce racism


I can promise you, and I mean promise you, that it is absolutely positively impossible to ever convert XX chromosomes into XY somatically.

It is a gross misunderstanding how gene editing works.

I will give you a brief rundown, gene editing, assuming you mean CRISPR-cas9 and not Forkl or Talen. CRISPR-cas9 edits nucleotides 20 base pairs at a time, and is dose dependent, requiring serial injections to maintain sufficient levels of expression for your gene of interest. *Assuming you achieved homologous directed repair (delivered the gene successfully and consistently). **I hate to break it to you, the difference between male and female isn’t as simple as just reversing a single polymorphism, you’re talking about grand scale chromosomal aberrations across all cells in the human body.

Germline editing is another ballgame, as there are sex determinent genes on the y-chromosome. But to expect a female who already developed secondary sex characteristics to by some sort of black magic reverse development of a vagina and clitoris and then grow functional testes and penis is unintelligent.

So until the day comes, it might be best to ground our children with a dose of reality. Life isn’t some sort of anime cartoon, otherwise I would’ve converted to a super saiyin a long time ago.


not quite sure how these articles fit into the discussion.
one is about hermaphroditism
and the other is an article with some meandering discussion on x and y chromosomes…that really draws no conclusion….just it’s all being studied

Exactly right. Anyone who doesn’t think it can wait until adulthood has an agenda.