Tre Williams in Transfer Portal

Well that’s no good, we were planning on him being a contributor this year weren’t we?

Was he the one that sat out due after having COVID?

Did he ever play a down?

It’s becoming a bad habit that Talented transfers seem to never play a down for UH football.


No. He transferred in January after last season ended.

And Im just speculating here, but If my memory serves me correctly he had a domestic violence issue or something at Missouri like his sophomore year. So could be more behavior issues like what happened with anoma?

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Maybe we shouldn’t take in stray dogs and cats.


Idk I think its worth the gamble more often than not. You have to have a lot of other culture and high character guys around, but could you imagine if anoma had been able to play here? But I agree that you can only have one or two at a time. Hearing that we had chidozie, tre williams, and zamar kirven in the locker room at the same time does make you raise an eye brow.

The Alabama kid and now this one. Lets check who we are bringing in.

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Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t this the guy Dana said was as good as advertised? D line is taking blows this off season, hope we have enough depth.

Our defensive line folks are sketchy.

Well we need depth now at offensive line, wr, qb, dline…almost like Dana has not had 3 recruiting classes.

Yawn. You need a new schtick.


Some transfers work out, others don’t. At the end of the day, it’s on Dana to win games. No excuses.

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Spring trainings are ending all over the country and you are seeing many kids entering the portal. This is like the end of the basketball season for football. We will see many kids enter over the next week or do. UH will lose some kids. But our coaches have started following many who have recently entered.

The new reality of college sports.


Strange transfer considering we just put a DL in the NFL in the 1st round… Next man up!

Sounds about right for Arkansas to take our sloppy seconds haha. If its true that he had an attitude problem and was sleeping in meetings etc. im glad hes gone. You can only have so many of those guys on a roster at a time before they start hurting the culture.


I think there was more to it than what we are assuming.


I’m sure that’s true… I still hate Arkansas for breaking up the SWC, though! :joy:

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