True EV cost?

Some of that seems pretty nonsensical. For example, the CAFE standards aren’t because of electric cars. Also they are taking a few states credits and applying to all EVs for some reason.

And I have no clue what they’re trying to say with the incremental transmission/distribution costs.

What is the cost of charging an EV that’s coming directly out of my pocket?

The chart shows some variables I am not directly responsible for.

I’d guess they are trying to put the cost on upgrading our aging national power grid to accommodate the greater demand for electricity in the form of new HVDC or HVAC lines.

But, yeah overall I agree the graph is loaded and probably funded by some fossil fuel organization.

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Perhaps. But do they put building and maintaining refined product/crude pipelines into gasoline costs? And I’m assuming someone will be building all of that will be getting a return on their investment and not doing it for free.

Look I’m an oil guy, but we have to be honest. This seems pretty one sided.


Typical misinformation.


Not sure why that was responding to me.

You’re the new AOC lightening rod of coogfans!

Key quote for me was this…

Hertz Global Chief Executive Officer Stephen Scherr said Hertz is still “committed” to buying 100,000 cars from Tesla and 175,000 EVs from GM, but is not on target to have EVs represent a quarter of its fleet by the end of 2024 any more as previously hoped.


No clue what you’re trying to say.