TRUMP 2024

This is the GOP frontrunner for 2024.

WTF is happening?

What a weird long reasoning in that post. very un Trump like.

I know he also posted one r recently where he said he was going gone friends with Kim Jong Ill soon (or whatever the North Korean leaders name is).

He’s deflecting blame. Everyone that worked for him sucked but none of that is his fault.


Except that he seems to agree with Bill Barr, in this post. But yes, of course it is never his fault.

Logic and consistency don’t matter to him or his supporters.

I’m reminded of this song.

That’s nuts. I literally was thinking of his video where he was rolling in a trash can yesterday.

But yeah, liars reign now.

I am already seeing anti Ron DeSantis ads on TV. Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride to get the nomination.


One day…


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If true (apparently Kelly wrote it in his book), holy crap…

“According to General Kelly, while he and Trump were standing on the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, Trump asked, “So what happened here?””



“Where are the hula girls?”

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Trump is now trashing the right-wing press. He’s crazy. So is she, but he’s crazier.


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Why is he bashing her now? Dude is unhinged.

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He thinks she is intentionally using lower poll numbers to harm him even though she was his press secretary. He’s mentally ill. Should he be elected, America will deserve whatever it gets.


Wasn’t she his press secretary at some point?

She was his last press secretary.

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She didn’t want to do it.

Not sure how he gets out of this one.