Trump indicted Again

Shocking. Law and order, right?


They each pushed for a speedy trial. I’m wondering, if one or both of them are convicted… how does that change the feelings and defense of the other indicted co-conspirators.

From X:

Just In: As was expected once he got a lawyer who cared about protecting HIM, Yuscil Taveras from MAL has struck a cooperation agreement with the special counsel’s office.

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From CNN

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He says he wants to take the stand.

We shall see…

Perjure, perjure, perjure.

The man is incapable of not lying.


The Special Purpose Grand Jury report is out. Here are some of the names of those they wanted to indict but were ultimately not indicted:

Lindsey Graham
Cleta Mitchell
Boris Epshteyn
Mike Flynn
Kelly Loeffler
David Purdue
Lin Wood

But they still could get indicted.

I’m sure there will now be unfounded rumors of those people having “flipped”. Another day, another drama.

Yep,there is chatter that Lindsey is cooperating. But who knows.

Trump explaining he was completely aware that taking classified material would have been illegal and get him in trouble. Also throwing his aid under the bus at the same time.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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If this is accurate… It’s impressively stupid even by this group’s standards.

Yes, that was a boneheaded mistake to make to give up a jury, if that
report accurate.

Also of interest was the one lone grand juror that voted against the Georgia
indictments. More then likely the same person who is not interested in truth only
worshiping Trump. And so , as others have speculated before, hung jury due to
a MAGAt infestation is real possibility in one or all 3 of the jury trials.

Cannon actually rules against Trump.

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I’m actually surprised his “But I’ll be much more careful with them this time” excuse didn’t work with Cannon.

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I guess Wood is gonna lay the lumber on Trump.