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“He is the one person at the center of the story of what happened on Jan. 6. So we want to hear from him. The committee needs to do everything in our power to tell the most complete story possible and provide recommendations to help ensure that nothing like Jan. 6 ever happens again. We need to be fair and thorough in getting the full context for the evidence we’ve obtained,” Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said before the vote.

Thompson said the subpoena was also a matter of holding Trump accountable for his attempts to overturn the election result, which resulted in the violence of Jan. 6.

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Mr. Trump, did you plan a violent coup?

Trump: I plead the Fifth


I’m gonna write a children’s book titled “Trump Lashes Out”. I’ll use his real words, and he’ll be a warning to all the good boys and girls about bad behavior and how NOT to conduct oneself.

He might actually be able to read this one. I hope he does, and the headlines will be:

“Trump lashes out against ‘Trump Lashes Out’”.

I’m gonna make a mint!

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You should write a book titled “am I a boy or girl”:rofl::rofl::rofl:

You should write a book titled “I’m a fraud who pretends to have played collegiate baseball”.

I can do this all day.


The committee will not attempt to force him to testify.

Should he be indicted on criminal charges for either the documents or Jan 6 (or both), he’ll get excellent representation because so many great lawyers can see how they can work for a hung jury, get some glory.

I don’t see a conviction, but getting him on the stand will be revelatory, even if he just takes the 5th. Correct me here, lawyers, but Trump can choose to not testify, correct? Gonna be a lot of gaming this should indictments come down.

He can be found in contempt of Congress, which is what Bannon is about to go down for. Not sure what will stick, but it will be the least offensive crime of his many, I would assume (He’s an f’n criminal!)

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He’s not a criminal until found guilty, which is unlikely. But this needs to be played out in plain view so people can make their own judgments on what he did or didn’t do. It’s the American Way!

It appears declaring for 2024 will not affect a decision to indict or not indict, but you can be sure DeSantis and any other hopefuls will make some noises of faux outrage while telling all of us why Trump is untenable and they should be the nominee. His competition for the nomination are the biggest cheerleaders for indictments.

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So why so secretive? What’s your name? I would love to revel in your stats! I’m a bit of a “baseball nerd”.

I think I might know who he is.


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The two previous times a previous president has been subpoenaed they have not complied. Don’t get those chicken wings all fluffed over this, lol. If he did show up, no way they would do it on tv. It would not go well for them

Who was that?

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Wrong. Clinton testified. Nixon quit.

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