Trump's Record

Yikes. This guy is scary.

considering majority primary voters will likely be trump people, i’m okay with it. if he pushes it in the general its a mistake.

as, even though no one brought any weapons in, no one in the cap was ever under any threat, there was no attempt to take over anything; those arrested have been there around 2 years now with no trails or hearings yet and its quite likely they’ll be there for all 4 years of biden with no hearing or trial.
there used to be such a thing as a speedy trial and fair hearing, then the democrats got voted back into the white house and controlled the doj

Your 2nd paragraph was pure bull.



Here’s the cases:


It’s worse than that. It’s gaslighting and lies. This is all out there plain as day.


Saddest thing I’ve read in awhile.

Some of those prisoners made plea deals. Yank the deals, put 'em on trial. When you plead, you admit guilt.

Many here believe the lie that nothing wrong happened that day. Mother Tucker told them so.


I guess we don’t have federal “son of Sam” laws. The royalties should go to the Capitol Police.

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