TT QB Is Oregon Transfer - Possible 1st Round NFL Draft

Did a little research. The TT QB is an seasoned Oregon QB transfer who is considered a possible #1 draft choice. While not named a starter for coaching reasons, he’s an experienced QB who has a very good arm.

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Typical UT friend of mine said TT will roll us.

He was named the starter officially last week and is #1 on the depth chart they released yesterday.

I think the real story here is the new OC…I haven’t done the research, but, if this is the same guy…
I think Sonny Cumbie spent the last couple of seasons at Nevada…
Their offense was abysmal until his arrival. With all of the hoopla surrounding the NV QB, I suspect that NV will become average.
Cumbie will elevate the QB at TT, no matter who that is…

Nope, I’m wrong as you know what…Cumbie is the TT ex QB, and I wrote before I checked.
Ignore my post😃

I am sure he is good. Kyle Allen was good. But Kyle Allen wasn’t a productive college QB. Part of being a good QB is having a good relationship with your WRs, which takes time to develop.

We will see Saturday night. I feel good about the Coogs chances.

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Cumbie was a great Co-OC at TCU when Meacham was there.

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Doesn’t matter… The UH D-Line is gonna be all over any TT QB!



I’ve heard and read contradicting views on Shough. He’s a defensive target for sure though.


Why did he leave Oregon?

My thoughts also


Those Oregon receivers are pretty impressive.

Looks like he was losing his job late last season to someone else. A career move.


Yeah he can throw, but TTU doesn’t have that support staff. We’ll see. We gotta blow up their line. That solves a lot of problems.


Cumbie was at TCU not Nevada lol


Great highlights but look at his numbers:
He has all of the tools. He is precise, sees/read the field well and runs well for his size. So why would he transfer if he was being challenged? There are all kinds of factors that we do not know that might have led to his transfer. How fast can we get to him will dictate and always dictates the effectiveness of his position. Above all I want to see how we stop their running attack.

“Typical UT friend of mine said TT will roll us.”

Easy fix. Don’t have UT friends !


That don’t mean sh*t according to Dana :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I crossed wires, thinking of Matt Mumme (son of Hal Mumme, Air Raid architect)….
And cobwebs…:smiley:

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