Tucker is a Sucker


Traitors, propogandists and fraudsters…all rolled into one.

“Tucker Carlson pushed a fake version of a U.S. intelligence document about Ukrainian war casualties. It was doctored by a fraud podcaster who claimed to be a Russian woman from Luhansk. In reality, Sarah Bils is a former U.S. Navy clerk from New Jersey—and she pocketed all the money she claimed to raise for Russian causes.”


People talk about state TV. This is anti-state TV. He’s literally hurting our nation to get ratings.

What a Dbag. Irredeemable.


Oh, its state-tv alright…just not any of the US states…


As always…

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Talk about someone lacking self awareness! :face_holding_back_tears:

Must be something contagious :mask:

Tucker is not a journalist, he is a comic book writer. He writes for a alternative reality comic book. Simpletons buy it and defend their comic book hero against other people’s. The left has their comic book writers too.

Simpletons can then argue whether Captain America can beat up Batman.


As little as a year ago people were floating Tucker’s name as a possible republican candidate for the upcoming election……in the last year he has managed to turn himself from a poster boy of the far right into the butt of many jokes.
Can’t believe they are still trotting him out there on TV.
Slim pickings I guess.

He still gets the ratings, they will still push him out there.

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I like DNN !

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Reference my recent topic regarding liars being easily influenced by the lies of others.

Oh Tucker. You are such a companion for PROVEN LIAR. Maybe even a Bud Light one.

That’s news to me. Could he be a dumber choice than Avenatti, though?

Yes sir, It was him and about 4 or 5 others……I remembered he was thought of favorably back then.
I would have to search for the link as it’s been awhile.

There was chatter, but he was never a serious candidate (Avenatti).

Ironically, what put him behind bars was…Stormy Daniels.

Note to self. Never talk to Stormy Daniels.


Never talk to anyone named Stormy in general……I’ve come across two….they both lived up to their name.

I take that back……three, the other was at The Men’s Club of Houston way back in they day.


I’m almost certain that was her real name. :wink:

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Look what happens when you trust Steve Bannon :joy:

The list of people I hope choke on a double-cheeseburger grows daily.

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