Tulane gets Top 25 votes

Tulane got 3 points in this week’s AP Poll. This game is not going to be easy.


Fun fact: Only 2 UH coaches have lost a home game to Tulane…Dimel and Levine. Both were canned at the end of the regular season.


I guess we played them on the road in '98 because we certainly would have lost that year.

We scored 14 early points in that 98 game then proceeded to get curb stomped.

Like the Kansas game.

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No remaining games are going to easy.

If that is what you are looking for, better get out of your system this year.

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We’re they in CUSA in 98?

We lost 48-20. On Fox Sports Network. In front of 26000 screaming fans…

I will take that kind of crowd again lol

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We had more than that on Saturday.

Theyre really good. Undefeated too!

At Tulane that would be a sellout now. That was in the superdome.

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Yeah, but we are their super bowl.

We will be their Super Bowl again.

They lost to Southern Miss, they’re beatable.

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Didn’t they just lose at home to a CUSA team that went 3-9 last year?

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Wait I thought the schedule is really weak?