Tulane Postgame Presser


not sure whose “job” it is to post these postgame press conferences but they need to be evaluated
this is only the second one this season that has been posted
I know I enjoy them and I know others do as well


I thought press conferences were only available on ESPN+

Someone paraphrase please

The Monday conference is but I haven’t seen any post game stuff on +.

OK, so in his interview, Tune basically admits to what everyone here has been saying: that being injured requires him to sit in the pocket and consider more options.

Ordinarily, an injury doesn’t make a player better.

This may literally be the exception that proves the rule!


Lots of Louisiana love. Singleton had 30 relatives at the game and blew a kiss to his mom after the TD. We have always gotten talent from Louisiana, we need to make Tulane an yearly opponent after we go to the Big12


I really like Tune’s hat. Does anyone know where I can find one?

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Is that Lou Ferrigno?

Totally agree.

I’ve recommended before that everyone tweet and email Pezman and the Football department about being more consistent with content.

If we are a P5 program we need to treat the fans and media content as such.

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Thanks for the post and the link!

I enjoy the win or lose but winning is far better! “It’s fun to watch.” cdh