Tulane-tulsa attendance

Looks horrible on ESPN. Guess folks are preparing for Nate.

They did change the gametime. It was supposed to be an evening game.

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Weren’t we supposed to be scared of Tulsa’s offense? What happened to that?

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Combine Rice, Tulsa, SMU and Tulane into one fan base and you have 42000 fans.

That turf coloring is so bad. Is it supposed to look like dead grass in between live grass?

This is the greatest mystery of 2017 college football.

Tulane looks good

Hopefully, CMA becomes the next Bill Yeoman, but if we ever have a chance, Willie Fritz would be a good hire.

Until we have capacity crowds at all home games, I won’t say anything about the attendance at other schools. It hasn’t been too long since we had games with 10-15K in attendance. And I’m talking about actual attendance, not tickets sold.


At least they have an early game excuse. We can’t blame it on time, day of week, student attendance, weather, win-loss record or the fan favorite “better things to do in Houston.” Is there a new gallery exhibit opening this evening I didn’t hear about?

I like it when alumni criticize the students for not attending

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I remember a physics professor giving a 10 point bonus on a homework assignment if we went to a Wednesday night basketball game. I saw 2 classmates out of a class of 60 show up. About 30 students total at the game. 1986 student attendance in a nutshell.

My first year at UH was Helton’s first year and I was living in Moody Towers. I asked the RA on my floor if he was going to the football game and his response was “Houston has a football team?”.

The only thing the athletic department did right in the 90’s was move our games onto campus. The ironic part was it was probably just another budget decision.

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