Tulsa at Fertitta center

Mark it down, we will beat them at home by no less then 10 points. Put your money on the Coogs!


The Coogs will have fire in their eyes and payback on their mind after that stupid and crazy ending that lead to a loss that can only be described as the way of the Coog. UH seems to always be losing in such a fashion way more than being the team on the winning side of those type of games. Tulsa has some payback coming!

They played well last night. Always tough in the road. Will like to see Sunday’s SMU matchup. See what type of grit this team has. And where is man bun?

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I was at the Tulsa game last year when their coach got thrown out. He is a fiery competitor who really dislikes the Cougars. I hope he gets sent to the showers early, again.

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He and CKS are very close friends. I don’t think he dislikes the Coogs one bit. He wants his Team to compete against Coogs or any other team they play.


How do you know that they are close friends?

Because CKS says to the media they are, on more than one occasion. So I go with that !!!

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Are you not sure what type of “grit” this team has?

I’m thinking we beat them by 20 !