Tulsa - Memphis

With uniforms like both are wearing makes me grateful we are changing conferences .


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Tulsa has the lead at the half, 14-13. Wow!

Tulsa wore that red against us once, i was so mad

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Memphis doesn’t at all.look like the same team that beat Mississippi state

Memphis unis are sick

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Tulsa uniforms look like something the lion tamer at the circus would wear.


But they are against Tigers, not Lions.

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Those are the same uniform colors the year we won with the last second field goal. I was there and thought Tulsa unis looked pretty sharp in person. That was the game the Toad had his players flopping all over the place. My party and I started booing every time one of the Tulsa players faked a cramp. Tulsa fans were in front of us and one little girl started crying because we were booing her team. Tough up, kid.


They look good on a 6 man team in west Texas I guess. Memphis are horrible

Can we please beat the absolute dog crap out of Memphis this year. It’s been way too long




Tulsa just got an interception on a rebound off the dback to stop Memphis’ drive. Looks like the slight showers are going to pull off a win.


Memphis unis are nice. Tulsa’s not bad.

This type of stuff is what makes college football awesome.

The sterile boring corporate feel of the NFL can get boring


How long before the UT DC is canned? I believe Tulane held them to less points.

A series of win streaks of late:

I’m pretty sure Herman made a deal with the devil that if Memphis misses this field goal then they can win the next fives years in any way the want

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