Tulsa vs Memphis

Looking at the Tulsa - Memphis game, I think we take both of these games.

Tulsa may have just overcome their hump. Leading Memphis late…

Now, not.

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Tulsa misses chip shot, extra point distance FG as time expires to lose.

Loss to SMU on missed field goals, too. Has to be frustrating.

imagine how this place would be if lost to 6-1 memphis on a missed 25yd FG

What part of our 3-5 record tells you that?


I dunno. Tulsa’s been cursed. They were up on SMU 30-9 and lost in overtime. They were within 4 of Cincinnati on the road with about 3 minutes to play, and now Memphis beats them by a point tonight. They beat a pretty good Wyoming (6-2 with wino we Missouri) team. I wouldn’t bet my ranch on us winning that one in Tulsa.

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We’ll be dogs in every remaining game on our schedule outside of Navy.

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Tulsa will be at their best for us – they always are. But I think we take them.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if Navy’s a narrow favorite; it’ll be close. But I’m not nearly as negative as you about the season. You have four head coaches in six years you’re eventually going to run into a brick wall. But I’m confident we’re bringing in the players (Anoma, Jackson, Clemmons, Hypolite, Jones, probably Netherly, etc.) and developing the program so that we’ll be able to turn it around in a big way next year much like SMU did this year. We’ll see.

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Coach failed to set up the attempt properly. Left the ball spot and the right hash for a right footed kicker. Should have been left hash or middle of field . . . . . FIRE THE COACH . . . . .

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This year is what it is. We’re just not a very good team. For a lot of reasons. One being that King and Corbin decided to redshirt. King having to learn a new offense for the third time in four years. We’re playing a ton of young guys on defense. A lot of new faces on that side of the ball as well. I am extremely impressed with the job Cauthen has done this year, and I think we’ll have one of the best defenses in the country next year.

I thought we would be better. I haven’t been impressed with Dana so far as the head coach. Doesn’t mean we made a mistake hiring him, though. If everything works out next year, Dana will look like a genius. We will see.


One thing I hear repeatedly as a gripe is clock management. The fact is you only get 3 TO’s per half and they are precious vs. good teams. It only takes a few mental screw ups from a young player and you can eat through 3 minutes.Everything just seems to move faster when you have a young QB. A young QB in a new system is even more precarious. Tune has been bad in clock management at times. Some things just dumbfounding. But he will get better.

Actually, this was King’s 4th offensive scheme in 4 years.

King should have been redshirted as a freshman, but we all know Herman didn’t give a damn.