After the game last night, as I was getting in bed after watching the Coogs win over UCF, I checked the score board. SMU was crushing ECU, as they should, but Tulsa was tied with Cincy at halftime.

Certainly Cincy would take control in the 2nd, right?
Nope, Tulsa led most of the second half.
Cincy only led (that I can recall) on a shot with 6 seconds left in the game.

Cincy is as good as advertised. They found a way to win, away on a night they weren’t playing their best.

Gonna be really hard to win at Tulsa in a couple of Saturdays.

yes yes, LBtulane.

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Or not.

We beat Tulss without Rob Gray think about that. Tulsa may have improved since that game but so have we. Unless we hit a major shooting slump we should be able to handle Tulsa.

Without Gray or Davis !

Exactly. More importantly, I firmly believe we would have beaten Cincy here if we had Davis for that game. He’s a game changer in the paint for us. When he’s not on the floor, we either have zero offensive presence (Meyer) or zero rebounding presence (Chicken). Come to think of it, Meyer really doesn’t add much at all except for some muscle underneath. I’m not sure how you justify having a non-scoring center on the floor who only averages 3 boards a game. Davis gives us both offensive and defensive dimensions when he’s in and healthy. I just hope he can get back to 100% or close SOON.

If our 3 pointers don’t fall then we will lose. Does anyone know what the word on chicken is?

Tulsa will be tough on the road. Conference games on the road in this conference are tough and Tulsa is hitting their stride. Got to be ready to play from tip.