Tune awarded Offensive Player of the week again

From AAC Site:

Clayton Tune • Sr. • QB • Houston
“Tune led Houston to its third straight win as he accounted for 399 yards of total offense and had four touchdown passes in a 42-27 win against South Florida, moving the Cougars into a tie for second place in The American standings. Tune completed 31 of 37 passes (a career-high 83.8%) for 380 yards and scoring passes of 1, 52, 12 and 28 yards to help the Cougars break open what had been a 14-14 game. Tune, who surpassed 10,000 career passing yards, became the first player in American Athletic Conference history to finish a game with at least 30 completions, 300 passing yards, four touchdown passes and an 80% completion percentage.”

This is a very well deserved award for Tune and he has proven himself to be a very good QB, just like I have been saying for 4 years now, but getting the AAC player of the week awards week after week is very upsetting to all of those Tune haters out there.


Well deserved he played well as did sneed. The o is jelling, the d in the first half played like suck ave.

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Am I critical of Tune? Yes
Am I a Tune hater? No

If you ask me the only thing different between when our offense was dragging and how it is performing now is the fact that Tune is making better decisions and making them quicker.


Happy for Clayton. Well deserved.

It was good to see tune ball out, saw a stat that of his 6 incompletions
2 throwaways
3 drops
1 ball that hit the DB in the back.
Damn good game against a 1 win Bulls team.


He’s been playing lights out. Great Coog.

Must be fake news because some on this board want him on the bench lol


What a miraculous recovery in the QB coaching, too. :roll_eyes:

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If we hadn’t pulled 1st string we would have scored another 7 points and not given up the last 7 points.

Tune could’ve been at 5 tds again.

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That kind of back handed compliment is the kind that bug me.


The play calling has been a lot more open and diverse the last 2 games plus the last 4 minutes if the Memphis game :sunglasses:

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Some people cannot get over themselves !

When conference play ends, Tune will be AAC first team QB.

I believe CDH needs to do whatever he can to make this happen.

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I think most people would love to see him utilized to his fullest potential. Throw and push tempo. Don’t give defenses time to set up their D. Make them play base D every time.
Running a dragging ass offense just puts him in a bad position against better competition.

I disagree. To my point of view, I think that the o-line is doing a super job of protecting him and giving him enough time to go thru his progressions and make better decisions. But just my point of view . . . . .

Noticed this past Saturday that the team was at the LOS and ready to go, meanwhile the Bulls were standing around, looking over at the sideline. Several years back, TT was at the LOS and our D was looking over at the sidelines. Resulted in a BIG gain for TT. We took a big beatdown that day, if I remember. Could not figure out why someone other than this Sunday morning QB did not notice and do something about it . . . . .