Tune = or > Than Young or Stroud

Young and Stroud are certainly more celebrated, but I am not convinced either is any better than Tune. Both will be overdrafted but at the #1 pick, you have to have a guaranteed pro bowler. QB is a really hard position to evaluate.

For my money, Tune is the value pick of the draft. Tune had off season coaching from Jordan Palmer and the Manning Camp. Going to the right team and with proper QB coaching, Tune may exceed Young and Stroud in performance.

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Hmm… You are crazy lol.

They’re better prospects due to age. Tune is 23 and they’re 21.

Remembered how bad Tune was at 21.

As far as QB play they’re a bit better, too!

They really don’t throw too many ints.

Tune holds on to the ball too long in some occasions that lead to sacks.

They do play with much better talent but that’s it.

Tune right now is a UDFA. Depends how he does during the Draft process. Interviews, Combine and Senior Bowl game/practice.

Stroud & Young may go #1 & #2 in the Draft.

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Tune > Stroud > Young

In that order.

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What’s with the knee highs?

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Tune accepts Senior Bowl invite.


This is why I want him to go off in these last few games.


Tune is not anywhere near being as good as those two….IYO he is as good as last year’s Heisman winner who plays in the SEC and possible Heisman winner this year who plays in the Big 10.

I hope Tune gets drafted and has a chance to learn and eventually get some run in the NFL.
But he is not on the same level as those guys you mentioned.

Now if you want to say he is comparable to Will Levis then I might agree with you.

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Tune will play in the NFL. Size and arm strength and athleticism is definitely NFL ready.

Accuracy and reading defenses needs work.

…and he’s learned pocket confidence and patience to go through his receiver reads, which is a highly valued NFL skill set.


Ok let’s slow down here


Tune might impress someone enough to get drafted in the later rounds. If not he’ll get pick of the litter as an UDFA. I think he has a decent chance to at least make a practice squad,

If he does make the NFL, I hope it’s not with the Texans. I would hate to see them break him.

You think these are unrelated? Not saying I agree with the OP, but I can easily see Josh Allen as a comp. He turned out pretty good - and was less accomplished in college.

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Wow. Tap the breaks people. Earlier this year, he was a nice guy who just wasn’t very good. Y’all wanted to see what #2 can do. Now, not only is he on par with last year’s Heisman winner, he’s on par with arguably the best QB in the NFL. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I like Tune and I think he will get drafted. But slow your roll.



He may be drafted but it won’t be til the later rounds. I hope he lands somewhere with some good coaching.

It takes one organization.

Josh Allen was a 1st rd pick, tho! He was on everyone’s radar as far as mock drafts & scouts went.

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#3 is not as good as those two. SEC > AAC (by a lot) I think he needs to work on his pocket presence. He tends to panic when it breaks down. While I hope he gets drafted, I don’t think he will.

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