Tune = or > Than Young or Stroud

The SEC/ Big10 narratives have to stop.

Do ya’ll think Tune wouldn’t be able to put up his same numbers in the SEC/Big10? Explain.

Do ya’ll think Young and Stroud would significantly improve their current numbers in the AAC?

It’s football. If you’re good at your position, it’ll translate ANYWHERE.

Enjoying everyone’s comments, pro and con.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Heisman is a popularity contest for teams with the best surrounding talent and highest ranking.

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“It’s football, If You’re good at your position , it’ll translate ANYWHERE.”

Simply not true in ANY sport.

Many different levels of being good at your position.

I’m not gonna write a dissertation on it today….but it’s way off the mark.

I’m guessing you heard it as a hot take somewhere….if you believe it to be so then cool.

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Write your dissertation. Anywhere was a stretch but D1 to NFL will translate. Sun Belt to AAC will translate. ACC to PAC 12 will translate. Mountain West to the NFL will translate.

Go ahead. Lets debate.

Already back peddling on your statement….don’t change it now.

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So “D1 to NFL translates “?

Johnny Manziel
Tim Tebow
Robert Griffin III
Troy Smith
Matt Leinart
Jason White
Eric Crouch
Chris Weinke
Danny Wuirffel
Gino Torretta
Andre Ware
Ty Detmer

These are all Heisman Trophy winning QB’s that were busts in the NFL……That’s not even listing all the 1st round picks that were bust.

Since these are all Heisman winners would it be fair to say they were at least on par with Tune? Or is Tune better than all these guys ? Remember, you changed what you said once…… so even if we go by your NEW statement of D1 to NFL this would be fair correct?

So it’s fair to say these guys all were very much above average as a “ D1 quarterback “ yes? I mean they did win the Heisman.

Did the fact they were all very good in college “translate” to the NFL? Yes or No?

I have nothing against Tune. I hope he is drafted and finds the right team to groom him and prepare him to be an NFL QB.

Having said that…… you were completely WRONG in your statement(s)….first and second.


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i think its quite possible for him to get drafted as early as the third round…its going to come down to his workouts.

Let’s wait and see how Tune does at the scouting combines.

He might surprise some people.

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You found a bunch of extreme cases in which it doesn’t work out. Now i never said EVERY player will ALWAYS make the NFL.

Now list all of the starting players in the NFL who were former D1 athletes. Lol so yea, it transfers.

Do you want me to start naming off players who transfered to UH or other schools who were D1 athletes from a “lower level” that did well? Probably more than the busts you pulled out of your behind.

Like i said it’s football, if you’re good at your position it’ll translate. Josh Allen played at Wyoming and is embarrassing the 4 and 5 star players you conference elitists put on a pedestal.

Try harder. You don’t have a leg to stand on.

You have no idea what you are talking about……you have also gone back on what you said twice now.

…you either know I’m correct and won’t admit you’re wrong….or your too dumb to see I proved my point.

You wanted to debate….you lost.

Not a big deal.

Please don’t double down on stupid……

Went back twice? Show me how i went back mr elitist. The only thing i walked back was stating D1 talent will translate anywhere. And that was only due to stipulation.

You made zero counterarguments that were valid. The only thing i lost was you in how a practical argument works. But please continue to tell me i don’t know what I’m talking about. I supposed that’s true in your head, but in reality you got worked. :joy:

Keep trying. You almost had it!

Let me break it down a bit further since i feel you’re struggling.

Every D1 player that succeeds in the NFL is evidence that their college conference affiliation is inconsequential, and their talent WILL translate.

However, just because someone happens to be a former D1 athlete and they don’t succeed in the NFL, you can’t make that out as an indictment on D1 athletes or their conference as much as it is a problem with themselves as individuals.

Waiter, check please!

You are literally to stupid to figure out where you went wrong.

Trying to explain anything to you is like pounding my head in to the wall….not going to happen.

You should try and go back and read what you initially said and start from there…. Read it a few times.

No more response from me……if you can’t figure it out….you have proved why indeed ignorance is bliss.

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If Tune is drafted by a quality NFL team that can give him pocket protection, then he has a chance to be a good QB in the league.

If he’s drafted by a bad team, like Ware and Klingler had to endure, then he’ll struggle mightily.



*incorrect use of an ellipses…twice in one sad, pathetic sentence.

I know what I said. You on the other hand STILL don’t have a leg to stand on. Hold your L and move on. Please understand how mutual exclusivity works before calling someone stupid. T-shirt fans showing their education level (or lack thereof) on message boards. :joy:

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