Tune Up Masters

Yes I admit I could not resist. So for everyone that remembers.

Clayton is doing his very best!!!

Cuz his name is Tune and that guy said tune?

Come on. Let’s have some fun. We have had an horrid week. It is too bad that Tune Up Masters is out of business but can you imagine the commercial if Clayton gets to the very top? I think the world of this kid. I am 100% behind him.


This is great, and yes, I do remember the ads. And if I remember correctly, he was the roving reporter in the pit area for all the big tv races (Indy 500, etc…)…
Yes. Let’s have some fun !!!
Thanks !!!:smiley:

We’ve just had a lot of quarterbacks with names that are fodder for terrible puns. Case, King, Tune.
Ever since I saw a sign several years ago that said “Murder was the Case”, I took a solemn vow to protect this board against bad puns. I must stand by that. Makers of bad puns be-Ware. Just think how bad it could be if that guy davy ever resurfaces here.

I remember Tune up Master I took my Vega in when I was in High School it came out worst.

The aluminum engines in the Vega tended to over heat and warp. The Pinto was a better car.

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Both need a V-8 sawp, that would be for another forum, but this is a tune up thread.:sunglasses:

As long as the Pinto’s gas tank didn’t explode.

mine never did

All of us grandkids sat over the gas tank in Mamaw’s Pinto station wagon. And we survived, all while we were smoking cigarettes, without seatbelts, while constantly passing beers up to Papaw in the driver’s seat. We weren’t just fine, we were Great. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


'59 VW Beetle had the gas tank above our legs in the front seat and battery under back seat