Tune vs. Browns

Arizona Cardinals Team (azcardinals.com)

Struggling with one interception. Figured this was a bad team on the road to play against your first start.

i do not have the game.
Come on Clayton!!!

Obviously there is no run game to help him. Sounds like O’Line woes

It is highly ironic that he starts his nfl career against a QB that spent so much controversial time in Houston.

Thank you.

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Ouch…2nd int.

His handoffs late were nice. Bad team to start against, the Browns.

I just read an article that said they were missing their two best running backs, their top receiver and their two of the starting offensive linemen.

Yea they want the first pick badly.


Phew. What a stinker. Hope he can rebound from those first game jitters.

Texans should beat them in 2 w33ks!

Sacrificial lamb. NFL equivalent of the Army game.

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First game jitters he’ll improve

That certainly didn’t go as planned

Not all his fault. Cardinals appear to be tanking.

Zero adjustments on offense vs Browns.
Tough spot for Clayton but 1st start in books now regardless.
Many more 2 come.

Tune 5 runs for 28 the silver lining.
He looked quick vs 1 of the better defenses.

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Tune was thrown to the wolves with an offense worse than the one Keenum started with in Houston. He’ll bounce back and he’ll do well.