Turkey reverses itself, agrees to support Finland/Sweden to NATO



Very Good.

Wonder what the weasel got in return or what threats did the trick.


God only knows what went on under the table and behind closed doors.

But whatever it is, GOOD!!!

With both nations expected to get formal invites and give formal acceptances very soon…Russia will soon be completely isolated from the rest of Europe.

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This war is not going to end in Ukraine.


I fear you are correct, 51. But I really, really hope you are not right.


Turkey needs financial support.

Best place to vacation. Their currency is in the toilet

Breaking news.

Finland and Sweden both got formal invites today.

Acceptances should soon follow.

NATO will now be within 60 miles of St. Petersburg.


More friends to join us at the Dubya Dubya Tres party.

The Russians aren’t stopping in Ukraine and they don’t care about loss of lives. They are the evil empire.

What we have seen over the last few months is not really that scary. They should have been able to roll over Ukraine quickly and it didn’t happen. If they can even make it through Ukraine, who do you see as the next target?

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They are winning now. They thought Ukraine would just capitulate and the west would roll over. They learned their lesson and now the are fighting like Russians historically have. Destroy everything in sight and keep sending troops into the grinder. They don’t care how many die, it is if no concern for them.

But if it does escalate, we will kick their ass.

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Its moving forward but Turkey could apparently still put the kibosh on it.