Turning Point in Game

For me, it was Donovan’s interception, with about 2:22 left in the first half. UH was leading 23-9 and had the ball on the UH 45 and moving the ball. That interception led to OSU’s TD and OSU gained the momentum only down 23-16 at halftime. The second half was all OSU.


Second half idk what happened. They were not throwing the ball to anyone open and all the passes were short.

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Smith took about a quarter and a half to recover from that play also. I would be looking for a different option at QB for next season but knowing Dana this is our guy until he graduates.


It was when 25 hit the taunting penalty. From then on they rolled.


The taunting penalty and the horrible interception gifted them 14 points. Both were excusable. Need to clean house!


Right before the half when we should have went for it on fourth down and long and took the penalty for delay of game to punt. We have rolled the dice. My memory is fuzzy, but think it may have been around when Unije threw up and left the game to be replaced.

That safety worked out well for Oklahoma state. We had them on the ropes after that safety. If we score points (even field goal) they would have started to lose confidence and momentum would have really swung our way. But we throw a pick six and we know what happened after that.


The taunting call that gas on 4th and 16.


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When Dana led the team out of the tunnel. That’s when I knew.


There were many - starting with a stupid defensive penalty that led to their second TD when we had them 3 and out. Then it was Donovan’s interception first before the half and then in 3nd half. Substitution penalty 2nd interception. Crazy.

Even High School coaches have a system to have the correct number of players on defense and not get multiple penalties for too many players on the field. Crazy this continues to happen!

The taunting penalty. If UH would have scored another TD, OSU might have caved like they did last week.


Team made critical errors in QB play throwing int, dumb taunting penalties and not paying attention stepping out of bounds in field of play negating a crucial 1st down. All huge MO killer’s.


Yeah, it seems like he averages an interception every game.

Can we say that Dana Belkerson are easily outcoached?

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‘Dana Belkerson’, that’s funny.

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