Turning Point

The team played hard tonight until the final whistle. They made mistakes but never gave up. The team regained their confidence tonight and has a bye week up ahead. With an entire week to get right and the harder half of the season behind them, is this a turning point for the season?


You’re dam right it is! We are winning out!


Maybe we learned some stuff

Bye week couldn’t come at a better time, let’s rest-up and and get ready for the next game.


As a depressed coog fan I really hope so. And I so wish I hadn’t been working overtime otherwise I could have actually watched the game and not just tracked it on espn score center.

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It’s definitely a wake up call as we approach this bye week.

If that ball was picked off (which it should’ve been) then we lose this game by 10+ points

I’m still rooting for CDH to turn it around, but indeed needs to turn it around quickly.


Turnaround game…Indeed.

Turnaround play…Jayce Rogers 100 yard KO return

Turnaround team…Round, round, turnaround, Coogs turnaround.

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