Twinmom why are some of our December

signees kept secret until the last few days ? Do the current players know who has signed or they kept in the dark like us folks? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. In general it looks like we are getting some great guys from HS/JC/Portal/walk on !
Go Coogs !


I would imagine unless the player knows the kid, only the coaches know, otherwise it would leak out


I don’t think the players know the new signees. I’ve asked Derek and he hears things and sees Twitter and stuff like the rest of us, but they usually find out when the coach announces it to the team.


Thank you!
Do you have any thoughts why they are kept secret ?
I wonder if it is to keep them from being poached ?

Not sure on that. Maybe it’s an NCAA protocol or something? The whole process is a lot to contend with I imagine.


Glen, I think they are respecting the kid’s request to keep it secret until they can have their announcement. I suspect the kids either want to have their own spotlight or they are waiting until a relative or close friend are available to be on hand for the announcement.

I’m just wondering if this will become a trend.


Thanks Mike .
It may be a new trend indeed .
Go Coogs !


CBY had a practice of not announcing commitments until their letter was in our hands. He knew an early announcement would mean the sharks would start circling. Seemed to work well for us then.


Interesting info . One never knows.

IMHO, if a potential commit sees someone he either does not like, or thinks he would be behind in the depth chart, he just might change his mind about signing with UH.

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Really good point !

That wasn’t the case here, He signed on National signing day but just asked the staff to keep it quiet until he was ready to announce . I’m with Red, I think maybe he had a family member or someone he really respected and admired that maybe wasn’t available until now to attend his announcement.


No interviews.

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Interesting conversation we are having about this little mystery . It is all good since it is Cougar football.
Thanks all.

I don’t care a long as they sign, it’s nice to have asuprise every once in a while

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In December Dana gave an interview wherein he mentioned 4 signing times.

Early December, January when students return to campus, February, and end of Spring semester when some transfers occur.

This is the January period which Dana said would occur.

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To take it farther…how much to the players help recruit

They do a lot actually. They speak to prospects if they are asked to. After Derek was offered by Herman, he got Terrell Bernard to commit and Alex Duke also. Unfortunately, Bernard left to Baylor when Herman left. I think players play a pretty big part in talking
to prospects.


That’s what I thought…thanks for the reply…

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