Twitter to accept Elon Musk offer

Elon Musk is making the pledge to bring back free speech to twitter.
The DOJ does not seem to agree on Elon Musk taking over?

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You do know Twitter is not the government. People get banned on Twitter because they have violated the terms of agreement.

The First Amendment only protects your speech from government censorship. It applies to **federal, state, and local government actors . This is a broad category that includes not only lawmakers and elected officials, but also public schools and universities, courts, and police officers.

The SEC and DOJ are looking if he violated disclosure rules when he bought 9% of Twitter. Are you implying there was a sinister reason for the review? Elon loves to flirt with breaking SEC rules, often.


I wonder if I can get suspended for posting in this blatantly, and also misleading, political thread?

PS 92010Coogs…This is the issue and not some suspicious conspiracy. Have a read and then get back to us your thoughts…

Schedule 13D Definition.

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But will he buy Coogfans and bring freedom speech here?


It’s amazing that so many seemingly educated Americans don’t know what the 1st Amendment is.


That is 100% true.

The scary part is that Twitter, facebook and other social and online media outlets have so much power and they can fully control speech however they choose.



Not just any speech just overtly and blatantly false and/or dangerous speech that can incite violence.

Let’s not overthink this.


Based upon their own in-house censors. They have the ability to go far beyond what has been done in the past. Companies look out for their own ends and those of the owners.

I’m not saying it’s a simple solution.

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Then why aren’t you editing or disavowing your opening post that falsely asserts the Musk investigation is over freedom of speech issues?


Dive a little deeper and you will find your answer.

So, pretend conspiracy theories. Gotcha.


Keep trying

If you had something you would post it.

Answer the question Chris!

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No one is forced to sign up for Facebook or twitter.


What Elon is doing is fool proof. He is essentially giving them an offer they can’t refuse since it’s in the investors best interest to accept the deal. If they don’t the stock tanks as soon as he pulls out his share (which he stated he would) and buy it at a cheaper price. he also said he would make Twitter private to stop multiple people from dictating what free speech is.

It’s admirable he’s passionate about it but as i stated before. There’s a bunch of misinformation and lies out there. You should have to register using a real ID with whatever Twitter handle to be able to navigate trought the lies. There’s no way to keep people out


These are private companies with a billion+ audience. These companies by being private can ban whomever they want.
Elon Musk is pledging that he won’t ban posters if they do not “fit” a certain narrative. I invite you to search what that narrative may be. Future will only tell who might come back or be allowed on twitter. Stay tuned. Have a great day, sunny and joyful day norb.

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