Two New Schools in Corruption Probe. One of them is from Texas

Hmmm, which Texas school could have gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

From Nathan Fenno on Twitter:

Two new schools have been linked to the college basketball corruption probe, according to a superseding indictment just filed in federal court. The colleges are identified only as being in Nebraska and Texas.

No new defendants have been charged in the case against Christian Dawkins and Merl Code. Three previous defendants – Lamont Evans, Book Richardson and Tony Bland – took plea bargains.

The superseding indictment alleges Dawkins paid $6,000 bribes to unnamed assistant coaches at schools in Nebraska and Texas (identified as University-1 and University-2) during meetings in Las Vegas in July 2017.

The $6,000 bribes, according to the superseding indictment, were in exchange for the unnamed assistant coaches to steer their players to use certain sports marketers and financial advisors once they turned pro.

The superseding indictment referenced a wiretapped conversation between Dawkins and the unnamed assistant coach at University-2 in Texas.

edit: Dan Wetzel tweets “Sources say the two schools are Creighton and TCU”

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That’s it! Shutter the program!

TCU, Creighton

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I am surprised at TCU, I think they are the only SWC school that never got in trouble.

TCU got in trouble:

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I thought Texas was named in another deposition

Seen two reports where TCU is Texas school.

You don’t remember the Wacker years very well, do you? TCU was in a lot of trouble.

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The football program use to get in to trouble whenever they had a good team and beat Texas or the aggies.


Kick them out of the B12 for us. Wait that didn’t work for Baylor. How come that never works?


In football under Patterson they have had some drug issues.

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Really Texas and Nebraska, but those two will take the punishment. If TCU cheated, they never received anything from it…not even a Big12 CC…


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Thank you!

Np. Saves you the grief later.

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