Two new studies point to Wuhan market over lab


Cue the it was engineered crowd in 3, 2, 1…

Be interesting to see how this stands after peer reviews.

I tend to lean towards natural processes theory, but I’m curious what data this researcher
is working with that’s new, how it was collected, does he have the smoking gun discovery , etc

Guess I’ll have to wait on other experts in the field to break it down for me.


WHO knows?
The article by Michael Worobey is an example of delivering arguments that can hardly make a dent in the leak theory for the following reasons: Since COVID19 can be totally asymptomatic, the claim that the first symptomatic cases came from the putative place of origin (the markets) cannot be taken seriously;

China still sucks bc either way, they could have contained in but chose to not say anything then it spread.

Another article suggest zoonotic spread. Spillover With spillback from deer.

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i just read the Science article you posted from Nov 2021. If I understood it correctly,
it seems to support the zoonotic spread theory and not a lab leak. Did I miss something
here ?


I just posted that article to be a contrarian. I don’t think anyone knows for sure, and posting two articles from the same source is certainly not definitive. We probably will never know. I think it came from the lab, but just a guess, like everyone else.