Two Visions

That started out reasonable and then got really biased.

The basic premise is mostly true. That said, I think it’s far more nuanced than the right thinks the constitution is good and left thinks it’s old and should be thrown away. But the truth is at least in that general direction.

Have you talked to people on the left much? They have told be that flat out. Im talking far left, not everyone on the left feels this way. But the far left is driving the bus and everyone else is following.

Far right is just as crazy in a different way. And they are driving their own bus which is its own version of scary.

And each side thinks the extreme is driving the other side. Maybe it’s true from both sides, idk. More likely both sides are wrong.

In any event, arguing about which extreme is more crazy isn’t that interesting to me. It’s like arguing which monster is more ugly and I don’t want to be part of either.

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In political science and popular discourse, the horseshoe theory asserts that the extreme left and the extreme right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble each other, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together


That oversimplifies things a bit but some truth in that.

Sometimes simple explains it best when taking a look at extreme positions.

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Agree, but simple takes out the nuance that exists. The world isn’t as simple as we want it to be.

That said, the theory makes some sense.

Is this an extreme christian or extreme muslim position.

Horseshoe principal, the more extreme the more similar they get.

One in the name of christ the other for Allah.

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It’s not hard to argue those are similar. They are both religious extremists. There are plenty of similarities and you don’t need the horse shoe to find them.