TX Ledge and Anti LGBTQ+

Just a summary of all the current initiatives.

Anti LGBTQ or anti-transgender? In what ways do the majority of these efforts affect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Queer people?

Why do people who practice alternative sexual orientations get dragged in with transgender issues which has nothing to do with sexual orientation?

If a transgender female is sexually attracted to other females, are they lesbian? Or are they transgender attracted to females?

Is a transgender woman not a women?

Well LGBTQ+, the T stands for transgender. However the article includes a proposed law about teaching sexuality and gender so that would encompass the other.

Also anything against drag shows isn’t necessarily transgender, drag performers encompass gay, lesbian, hetero, etc.

As far as how these affect those other communities besides trans. You’d have to ask someone who is part of those communities.

How young are we talking? Why do children need to learn about sexual orientation? The main purpose of sex is to procreate, with which is impossible for male to male or female to female intercourse.

Sexuality is not a topic that needs to be taught to children. That is something that is developed independent of learning about basic human reproduction.

Why do children need to see drag shows?

This is literally crazy to even have to discuss, and the fact that people who base their entire identity around political affiliations seriously think this is all necessary. If it were republicans advocating for children viewing drag shows, democrats would be completely against for the sake of party opposition.

This is nonsense, and I can’t believe this is where political debates have gone to. I fear we are reaching almost to the point of legal pedophilia. I mean how much further does this go? Where does it end?


Good question and I would say that middle school would be the appropriate time for sex education including orientation. However if an elementary school kid asks their teacher why someone has two mommies, what is the teacher supposed to do? These laws prohibit any mention of acknowledgement of orientation. While it should be up to the child’s parents, the teacher has to be able to provide some answer.

Children do not need to see drag shows. They also don’t need to see clown shoes, magic shows, puppet shows or anything else. If a parent wants to take their child to a drag show, it should be that parents choice on what they find appropriate and now they teach their children, not the legislature’s choice.

You are correct it is crazy that people who base their entire identity around political affiliations want to regulate personal choice and behavior.

I think that’s ridiculous but considering that some states don’t even have age limits for marriage, I can see why you might be concerned.

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I doubt these bills are so limited, first.

Second, how many children in Texas have been compelled to see drag shows? I’m guessing the number is very small–asymptotically approaching zero. Why is the right passing laws for a thing that hasn’t happened and will not likely happen? There’s your politics.

I’ve got more to say, but why bother? I’ll just point out that the R’s in Texas have a rich history of passing laws to create solutions to problems that never existed. I guess you’re assuming if there’s a bill filed, there must be an existing problem. That’s your first mistake and I should have started there.


Yes I forgot about that, much of these laws are a solution looking for a problem. Meanwhile they ignore problems in the foster system, juvenile justice system, homeless, hunger, etc that all affect children.

Why are you so hypersensitive about this? It’s been LGBT in some form since the beginning. Who cares?

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I don’t understand why he thinks he should dictate who transgenders associate with. Seems like it should be their call.


How far are you willing to take those types of arguments though?

For example, some parents have argued in courts that they should be allowed to show their kids porn as a part of their “sex education.”

It’s sort of a legal gray area right now.

Drag queens shows at school should never take place. If some of you do not agree with that you do not have children or you are not a responsible parent.
A parent wants to take their children to a drag queen show? Child services should be called. Because a parent wants to see a drag queen show it does not make it right to bring their children to one.

Yep, from jump. Trans people have always been at the forefront of the fight for LGBT rights and equality. The effort to cleave off the T from LGBT is a classic GOP wedge issue tactic to gin up hysteria in an electorate while stoking division in the opposition’s political coalition and undermine it. Essentially they are doing this because they believe it will put them in better position to win elections and not because there’s any real issues that need these particularly horrid legislative efforts disguised as “solutions”.

Thankfully, Trans rights are too niche to a wider electorate to get ginned up about so it just comes off as needlessly bullying to an already marginalized group of people. Combined with the backdrop of the fallout of Dobbs, it makes the argument that “republicans are protecting women from the ‘radical trans agenda’” even more obviously dubious and disingenuous.


I’d prefer drag queen shows take place outside your house.

How many children do you have ghostofjfo?

I’d say case by case. A drag show isn’t necessarily porn. I will say there’s a difference between showing a 6 year old porn vs. showing a 16 year old porn. I wouldn’t recommend any parent do either, though.

Just you.

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That is what I thought.

I’m not sure that ever happened. There was book readings (even that was rare) but I don’t know of any shows in schools.

Yea and I am fine with no compulsuary drag shows (if that ever happened) or compulsuary drag story time, either in or out of school.

But if a parent chooses to take a kid to drag story hour at a library, that is their choice.

No, I’m not giving my opinion from a political perspective. I’m not a Republican.

I simply don’t understand why transgender issues are in anyway correlated with LGBQ issues. Do they share prejudice, harassment, victimization, and bias? Obviously they do, as do ethnic/racial minority groups.

I just don’t understand why or how any bill that seems to exhibit any anti-transgender rhetoric is somehow also an LGBQ issue.

Whether it’s athletics, bathrooms, gender-reaffirming surgery, puberty/harmonal blockers, some of which are irreversible, all of which have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

I personally do not care if one wants to be transgender, but I’m not going to fight for your right to share bathrooms with your chosen gender or advocate for trans-women to play sports with biological women because it simply doesn’t sit right with me logically.

I will happily vote/advocate for gay marriage rights or anything that somehow defiles LGBQ rights. I will never know what it’s like to feel attraction to someone of the same sex, but I don’t see in this point in history why or how it could affect heterosexual people.

Transgender people are a different story. Again, I’m not anti-transgender, but I also understand that transgender equity or equality has gray areas that unfortunately do not have simple solutions because it does affect straight, heterosexual people which are the majority, unsystematically.

Until we reach a point where the concept of “transgender” no longer exists and that transgender people are simply labeled and treated exactly like their chosen gender; I don’t see them ever getting full equity or equality because again there’s too many gray areas. It shouldn’t be a Democrat vs Republican debate.

If the goal is for Transgender people to be treated as their chosen gender, then we should eventually reach a point where the word transgender no longer exists. Otherwise, they will never be treated the way they are asking to be treated.

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