TxTech-- Matt Wells out. Joey McGuire - Baylor/Cedar Hill the hire

Will be out by end of day! Came in 2019 same as CDH. Have at it! Out.

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Ok I am game…what is this about? Is he fired?

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Mods, pls delete my thread. One already started that I didn’t see. Thk you.

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i thought i read on basketball board u werent posting on here anymore lol, good to see u are still here though!!


Must have UTSA coach in their crosshairs.

I appreciate the notice. I will not post abt Coog Football for the foreseeable future and I haven’t since Oct 1. And even this post was for members to discuss further w/o any other comment from me. That’s why I said “Out”.
Good to be noticed I guess… I’ll slide Out now!

UTSA coach or Sonny Dykes. let’s see if the rumors throw off SMU this week.

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" 4. TEXAS TECH (opened Oct. 25)

The firing of Matt Wells and the interim label being put on former Red Raiders quarterback Sonny Cumbie shouldn’t mean that Texas Tech has their next head coach. The Kliff Kingsbury years still fresh in their memory, the Red Raiders might look to get outside of the Mike Leach/Former QB tree. Kingsbury’s offenses weren’t the issue.

Texas Tech is not unlike Washington State. Its geographic location in the state doesn’t make it the most accessible, though the talent pool in Texas is far larger than in Washington, so the talent should be much easier to bring in to Texas Tech for whoever is hired. The main reasons we’re putting Washington State ahead of Texas Tech are two-fold: the lack of stability in the Big 12, even with some new additions. Will the conference still be seen as a “Power Conference” in the years to come? And then there’s the program’s instability — Leach left Washington State on his own and turned over a bowl team to Nick Rolovich, who had them playing decently well before he was let go for non-football related reasons, while Tech has now fired two coaches in a little less than three years. Wells was just 13-17 in slightly more than two seasons and recruiting in 2022 hasn’t been good; the Red Raiders are 9th in the conference and 80th nationally."

Dykes won’t take it. Traylor has benefitted from a senior laden class. Hope they hire Traylor but it won’t work out well. It’s not a coach like Aranda.

Dykes might.

Heck, maybe Tech takes the Rolovich guy that was just fired at Washington State.

Apparently, most in Texas won’t care what his thoughts on COVID are.

He can move in right away.


This is pre-emptive on there part to get Sonny or Jeff. They know they have a short window to nab one of these coaches. Winning isn’t enough got to be against the right teams and do it, in style.

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Art and Kendal Briles?

Maybe Wells lost the team and they want to give Sonny Cumbie a chance. Why do they need to be pre-emptive to hire either Traylor or Sonny? We’ve lost all of our coaches after the regular season. Traylor will pull up in a moment’s notice. What do they have to play for? The Frisco Bowl? He backed out of coaching that bowl for SMU when he headed to Arky so there’s no chance he’s staying around this time.

this may be exactly what’s happening he comes with partial staff in tow and runs a scheme that will work for tech fans

Sonny is tough now. As a legacy at Tech he’d be tougher.


Dang, now I like Svaboda.

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(Just a photo. Podcast link is below)

Tech job at @ 4:45 = “The West Texas Stare Down”.

@ 16:07 “Now Houston…there is something to be said that Houston is going to have a heck of an advantage”.

Podcast is a solid daily listen. They try to keep it under 20 minutes.