U.S. green lights Polish MIG shipments to Ukraine

Query: will these fighters be able to shoot down Russian invaders, AND, more importantly, protect the ground attack aircraft needed to start busting up that convoy?

If so, then this could be significant.


I read the same but we will send our planes to nato countries then nato countries will send migs to the Ukraine. They really need these for air support and to have a chance and to bomb the conveys.

That’s the gist of it.

My only question, as I said, relates to what type of ground attack aircraft they had.

Those fighter escorts will protect those ground attack aircraft once they are in the air, but you still need those ground attack aircraft to knock out that convoy.

I wonder what they might have.

Do we know if Ukraine has any such ground attack aircraft left at this point ?
Wouldnt they have been early targets of the Russians along with the air bases ?

That’s my question.

I’m not sure they have such aircraft. If they don’t, then they obviously can’t use them to go after the convoy.

In that case, the advantage of having those MIG fighters would be to shoot down all the Rooskie aircraft that are bombing the Ukrainians…including a lot of civilians.

I live 25 miles from an Air Force Base loaded with A-10 Warthogs.

If I see them flying off then we have decided to decimate the Russian Tank columns.

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And when you thought nothing else would surprise you:


From the former Russian Foreign Minister:


I think I just heard that there are 6 A-10s to be made available to Ukraine. Not much firepower for a country that size.

If Ukraine gets their hands on Warthogs that can be a game changer. They are simply the best ground attack planes ever designed if the MIGS can keep the Russian fighters off of them they can chew up armored columns like nobody’s business.

Though it isn’t happening as of now. No news of it happening at least.


I got see an A10 in action in Iraq. Our FO called in close air…the Cobras did some damage but when that bad boy showed up…game over. Semper fi!


A Warthog tore up a Transformer in the desert in the first Transformers movie.

“Bring the rain!”

The Ukrainians would probably need to be trained on flying and using the weapons systems so I really don’t know how effective they would really be in the hands of untrained pilots.

The A-10’s are in Tucson, at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Lots of them.

No local press reports of them moving out.

Sounds like the Poland MIGs is off the table.
I think that’s the right call unfortunately.

The idea as laid out by Poland was too risky, Kirby said, as the US and NATO seek to avoid an outright conflict between the alliance and Russia.

“The prospect of fighter jets ‘at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America’ departing from a U.S./NATO base in Germany to fly into airspace that is contested with Russia over Ukraine raises serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance,” Kirby said.

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Best thing the U.S. can do is bleed Russia like we did in Afghanistan when the Soviet’s invaded through proxies trained in insurgent guerilla tactic’s. To confront them with conventional military power is inviting complete and utter disaster.

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The problem with supplying the jets is flying them out of a US base on German soil. We can’t take the wings off and truck them across the border to an airfield. Remember, we are trying to prevent a nuke being used on Ukrainian territory, as they wouldn’t dare shoot into Poland, etc.

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A game of NATO hot potato.

Just amazing

It ain’t a crime you made it rhyme.

I dont think the migs are going to happen any time soon.

I read an expert say they can control the airspace with ground based missle systems, and neutralize the russian fighters.

Russias logistics strategy is not working in part because they do not have enough fuel trucks.

Also, it seems a simple item is keeping them stuck on the road.
cheap Chinese truck tires and a lack of maintance.

It seems the tires on most of their trucks require the vehicles to be moved regularly so they may keep their integrity. It seems russian corruption kep thst from happening, and most of the trucks sat idle for 6 to 12 months before they were moved via rail to the front.

The lack of basic maintance rendered the tires fragile and they wont hold up if taken off road.

It may be a reason they are parked on roads. Ukrainians also know a tank with no fuel is a big paperweight and they are specifically identifying fuel trucks that are lightly armored and protected as high value targets.

They are using social media and chat aps and encouraging all citizens to identify and share fuel truck locations with the government and they work to take them out. As well as other strategic tactics keeping the vehicles at bay.