U18 team scrimmages against Houston

Sigh…if you’re a masochist, you can read about how Jarrett Allen looked against the Coogs. Report did say that he’s shorter than expected and was pushed around by the Houston bigs, but he did show flashes.

Wow. This is big news for UH basketball. Sounds like Jarrett Allen will play PF at Texas lol. Good luck with that. His naturally position is Center all the way. Is a disservice to put him at PF for not only on offense but on defense as well.

I have a feeling he will spent a lot of time in the weight room and with a nutritionist. Needs to get stronger. I would of have loved to see Chris Harris with the team already. He will be a big asset, for UH.

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Would have absolutely loved to have Jarrett Allen on our team but it would have been interesting to see how he meshed with CKS. Ollie getting on him for more “energy and to be engaged more”.

I think scrimmaging this team is a good thing.

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Anyone notice how Shaka Smart is just happening to get time coaching his two top recruits early?

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