UCF and Missing Game

UCF is trying to (or already has) schedule a game with Austin Pea in an effort to have a full schedule. Can we do that or is it too late? I was hoping that we could still salvage the UTSA game. If not, I hope it doesn’t effect the final rankings/bowl possibilities…

We gain nothing from a win with UTSA. Why would we want this?

Just to have the full complement of games. Does UCF gain anything from playing Austin Pea?

It benefits them because its a home game if I’m not mistaken.

May be trying to generate revenue if possible in a year with a good team. Seems like an economic decision.

UCF had to cancel 2 games due to the hurricane. (Georgia Tech and Maine) so in order to have 11 games they scheduled this game. They lost a lot of money because the Georgia Tech game was their big home game and possible sell out.

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Don’t look now but UTSA is #3 in Total Defense and #20 in Scoring Defense. UH is #58 and #12, respectively. I am not saying UH would lose but it is not a risk I want them to take sitting at 4-1 right now and Oliver banged up. Plus, the game would have to be played a week after the most difficult stretch of the season (Memphis, @ USF before facing ECU), would eliminate the off week and require playing a game rather than plan for closing @ Tulane / Navy.

One less game sounds good to me right about now.


And given the struggles with the offense early on, the cancellation of that game in the first week might have been a good thing.


Only way the UTSA game could have been made up was during the week of the CCG. UTSA turned that down.

Silly me…thought UTSA would rearrange their entire schedule around our Coogs so I didn’t check their schedule. UH is a P6 school after all…we have the flag to prove it