Let’s hope UCF can turn this around. Not pretty so far

Well, welcome to the P6! Crap.

UCF just took the lead!

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Pitt players dropping like flies. UCF is VERY physical. Based on what I’ve seen, if we stay within 30 when we play, we will have had a great game. Yikes!

Ucf just looks big. 45 yards of penalties on that drive by their defense put Pitt back in the game

Pitt’s D is doing what I hoped ours would do Thursday when down. UCF plays fast but Pitt’s D seems to have enough get up and go. Who’s their S&C coach?

UCF is what some of us think UH is and what all of us want UH to be. It’s their consistency through coaching changes that amazes me. Even staying consistently physical.


It’s the winning culture. They lose guys like everybody else but the spirit of excellence rubs off on a lot of new guys.

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I have to think the “campus culture” is helping their recruiting too.


Yep. They have a lot of bars and dorms. Also their main homecoming tradition is to jump in the fountain and make a party out of it.

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Yep…we HAVE to develop Third Ward. We need to build something like City Center across the street from TDECU. We have 46k students, a rail line, and are a few miles from the museum district, med center and Hermann park…we have to develop the third ward!


Yep need it to be more like a fun college atmosphere on and around campus

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I so much want UH to be bustling around campus like that too and there are small signs but there is one thing stopping a complete transition of the neighborhood… politics :unamused:

UCF head coach blew it for not going on 4th and 6

Hats off to Pitt. You see it is possible to give up a 21 point lead and, I don’t know, keep acting like you’ve played football in your life before.