UCF defensive recruiting

Texas doesn’t have to imagine.

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If our defense does what it did last year again and we win 12+ games I think the right head coaching job will be there.

Could happen. I think he sticks around for a few more years to get our defense to Big 12 contender level before another P5 school takes him as their HC.

That we need better recruiters or better results…Belk included.

We are P5 now…if we lose a defensive player to Baylor like NDs kid…there are no excuses anymore.

We are equal…no longer a P5 vs G5 disadvantage.

Cincinnati and UCF are making the transition to P5 recruiting- we are not, hence this thread.

Yeah…but Texas has a horrible culture. We didn’t

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Why is it when UH has a decent staff the assumption is it is leaving?

I agree with your sentiment, but I’d add the caveat that although we are likely going to be perceived as P5 status now (notwithstanding Super Conference Realignment), we are not quite on par with the rest of the Big 12 when it comes to facilities, which can also help with recruiting.

Sampson has mentioned it, and Holgerson has directly attributed that as a factor for getting turned down by potential recruits, even though we now have a P5 status.

Gotta keep in mind that most of the Big 12 have an almost 25 year advantage of investing & continuously upgrading their Athletics facilities.

Because they usually do? Also he’s a coordinator. He doesn’t want to be one for the rest of his career. So unless a head coaching spot opens up here. I don’t think he will be here much longer, nor should he be. If we have another season like last year, Belk will get thrown some head coaching offers. And I’ll root for whatever team he decides to coach if he leaves

Well our staff with Belk being the main recruiter recruited a team good enough to win 12 games and beat a Auburn team that took bama to 4OT so they are doing something.

Don’t forget Belk and this stuff are responsible for bringing in guys like Marcus Jones, Pepe, Chidozie, D Jones, Tank Dell, Patrick Paul, A. Bell, Owens, Kody Russy, and Alton all of which are currently or will be playing in the NFL. None were rated higher than 86 on 247. So if you are just star gazing than you can make an argument but “better results” the results are looking just fine.

Oh and also…… Brandon Campbell, Matthew Golden, Cody Jackson, Demetrius Hunter, Jamal Morris, Moses Alexander, Aaron Willis and Tyler Johnson are all 4 stars brought in this summer by this current staff that apparently has no idea they are doing


Houston is not easy to recruit to. I know that’s painful to hear but it takes a unique character to make it work at a high level here. We’ve been blessed with coaches that can recruit at an above average but not great level but perform at an incrementally higher standard. Better stated we’ve had coaches that find talent that should be rated higher. I don’t think Dana is a great recruiter but he’s a very good coach. Sometimes that works better. Winning at a high level makes everyone a better recruiter, too. So we have that to look forward to. Dana won’t need a top 25 class to make it work. Very excited to see what he does with these great kids he’s bringing in.


Thats why im comparing ourselves to an Apples to Apples comparison- Cincinnati and UCF.

How do we rank in comparison to those two?

Before we went P5 it could be argued that Houston was not easy to recruit to, that should be changing now. When you look at the campus, and sports facilities and culture that is starting to
develop on campus recruiting should get easier. While Houston will never be a traditional college town, it does not have to be. If you are an athlete from Small Town, Anywhere and you visit and see everything that Houston has to offer within 30 minutes of the campus, we suddenly become pretty appealing. I’m really not worried about where we are now because it is so much better than where we have been, but not as good as where we will be.
I believbe CDH and his staff will do just fine.

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No excuses!

Find a creative solution around them- we are P5 now. If we want to be great, find a way.

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I know guys at Alabama who was been paid too much as a position coach cause Saban didn’t want to lose them - they weren’t P5 head Coach material but easily could’ve been a FCS or low G5 coach but money killed that - Belk is getting paid dearly now so his limitation is head coach where they pay or go SEC, etc as a DC and parlay that into a good hc job

Houston is more appealing to athletes not from the city or guys who want to come back after going to random P5 in small town - always has.
Also, not having an inner city school district that produces high level talent where players understand the environment UH is in has hurt tremendously- last time HISD was worth as a whole in fb was when Sumlin was just hired


HISD is pretty much just Lamar and everyone else. Occasionally another school has a rare talent but for football you gotta look outside the loop.


I actually get more interest the farther I get from Texas. When I wear the Coogs in a far flung airport I get comments…mostly positive. The Coogs are a kind of underground brand outside of Texas. People like the Coogs because in their minds we stand for a big, powerful city. And we’re not cookie-cutter. I actually got into a conversation with an old-timer from Virginia that knew the history of the Veer. He said he loved it because no one knew what was gonna happen…even the QB.


Yep. Lamar and a rotation of Heights/Bellaire/Westside having a good year.

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I had the exact same conversation with a client/buddy of mine. I took him to the Rose Bowl game where Case got injured. All was fine until scumlin started his best impersonation of pissing off Neuheisel. The entire UCLA bench got motivated. scumlin and kingsbury left with their tales behind their legs. I knew then that scumlin was not the “genuine” article. Neuheisel is a class act. I can tell you that UCLA could have beaten us by 50.

The following year Case “made” sumlin.


Even Lamar is down - but only reason they were good for so long they raided everyone else’s attendance zone but not much left in HISD anymore so you can’t Raid nothing

Even Fort Bend dried up as a whole which like @zalatorg said you gotta start outside beltway in terms Of recruiting and that’s a different mindset

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Plus HISD is one test cycle away from being taken over by the state and have 800 teacher vacancies. Who wouldn’t want their kids going there?

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