UCF Hires

Missouri OC, Josh Heupel. DC is Randy Shannon.


That was quick, how long did it take us to pick between the two guys down the hall? Seemed like forever.


Heupel looks super old in that picture. He’s the same age as Major Applewhite. Maybe Okies age faster?

The UCF AD had been working on this for awhile. It was near established fact that Frost was leaving internally. This is one thing Yurachek screwed up. He should had seen the writing on the wall and been ready to pull the trigger, not if, but when Herman left.

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It took us about a week and a half to [probably] get spurned by Holgo (and probably others) and try to salvage the coaching search.

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Funny. He has added some lb’s. He recruited my cousin when he was OC at OU. He was fired/told he was being demoted because he just wasn’t that great of an OC. That’s when Riley showed up. He went to Mizzou and has had a resurgence recently.

It will be interesting to see whether UCF keeps momentum. The roster is stacked.

A week and a half on Coogfans with no coach felt like years.


With Randy Shannon as DC? Hasn’t he had a great career on the defensive side of the ball and have lots of Florida recruiting experience? They might have just made a home run combo.

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Boy you’re not kidding.

As someone who last remembers him QB-ing that 2000 title team he’s basically unrecognizable.

Strange times for me seeing guys like Frost, Heupel, and Applewhite all being HCs after seeing them all play in the late 90s.

This seems like a good hire for UCF on paper and that is good for the AAC. I hope it works out for them – we need to keep the strength of the AAC top teams rolling.

If I am an Arizona State alum, I am envious of UCF…

Are we sure that’s not just a stock photo of George O’Leary ?


So does he stay and OC Missouri vs Texas or leave to get started recruiting?

He’s left Mizzou and will start getting ready immediately. Frost will still coach the Peach Bowl, but Huepel will be there and watch from the ADs suite.

Shannon is a very good hire at the DC slot.

Found this interesting – thought UH sold their Peach Bowl allotment:


No, we had to return some.

If our game had been in Dallas, around the same distance that Orlando is from Atlanta, we would have sold out.