UCF opening line

We’re getting 23.5 - Ouch

We’ll cover!


That is embarrassing.

I usually go with “Hi. I just flew into Orlando. What’s your name?”


Yep … UCF played with Temple like a cat with a mouse and then annihilated them … AT TEMPLE

I WOULD KEEP TUNE OUTA OF THE GAME … he is gimpy … and we DON’T want him playing in a wheelchair the last KEY games … bowl-wise if it would even matter now …

Play 2 yards and a cloud of dust Smith THE WHOLE game and even keep HolgerJr out … FOR HIS SAFETY …

Considering the Temple game … THIS GAME WILL NOT BE PRETTY … and … we could also borrow TCU’s ugly butt-a$$ unis … this way they won’t be able to tell the unis from the black and blue bruises

Like I stated SARCASTICALLY earlier … send the team to the theme parks and state our bus broke down on the way to the stadium …


Your reply looks very familiar (identical) to the one last week before the SMU game.

Did you just copy and paste and change the name of the opponent ?


He like many negative Nancy’s put very little objectivity in their posts. Nothing to see here.

I was going to say something else, but I can’t tell your real opinion from your sarcasm. But, in any case, it could get ugly. Remember the last time we played them in Orlando?

An electrical engineering degree … AND … you couldn’t figure THAT ONE OUT …

Yep copy and paste … and change the name …

I know you polyannas/polytrain/ good ship lollipoppers cannot stand it … BUT

so far … it seems to be working just fine …

WHEN WE WIN ONE … then it will change … DUH!!!

The last post (before smu) was after a win !

Duh !!

Fret and hand-wring. So we played with a top 20 to the final whistle but we can’t stay on the field with UCF? You give Temple too much credit.

You may also be giving SMU too much credit. Ucf is going to be a much harder game. But like 7 of our 8 opponents this year, I doubt we feel like we will be beaten from start to finish.

Outside OU no one has just beaten us. The level of players are about the same outside OU. It just comes down to depth and play calling and our ability to not turn over the ball and commit stupid penalties.

I know it’s a road game, but why do you think UCF will be much harder?

I honestly believe that UCF has a better all around team than SMU. The are a much more balanced attack. From the games I have wached their defense has been pretty stout when it comes to take aways and attacking. If we have a half legged qb they will be coming after it with some creative blitz schemes. They are a team that has experience as well. Lot’s of winning experience. That carries a lot. SMU has had to dig deep to beat some teams that according to their ranking and vegas lines should have put away early, like us and Tulsa.


I would take that bet in a heart beat.

This will be a tough game as UCF doesn’t lose at home.

However, UCF can be run on so the Coogs should have some success on the ground. It would be great if Tune is able to run a bit more than he has as I think the Coogs could have a lot of success on the ground.

Otherwise, they’ll need to not turn the ball over and force UCF turnovers. In both UCF losses this year, they had multiple turnovers that basically cost them the game. In their other games, they played clean and won easily.

I don’t expect the Coogs to win this one, but they may be able to make it closer than the line.


It being a true road game will be tough no doubt, but there are two reasons (that I will go into detail later), that I think the Coogs will beat UCF.

One: defense travels- our secondary may be inconsistent, but it showed great grit against a more efficient passer in Buechele. That kid was a veteran that was humming until we began to hit him. The only crowd noise that will be going on when we’re on defense is when they start groaning because things aren’t going their way (which brings me to my next point).

Two: teams can hang around with UCF-Their defense is worse than they suggest statistically; they’re giving up nearly the same amount of yards as we are. If we can do what we’ve done against, UNT, Cincy, and SMU, which is control the clock and run the ball, then UCF will be put in the situation that makes them sweat. Difference is they have a true freshman. Pressure busts pipes.

Also: The Pitt game was the most telling for me. Narduzzi is a good play caller but Pitt is 115th in the country in scoring and moved the ball at will against UCF. They remind me of 2017 Coogs- some of the buzz is still there but beneath the surface a lot of the fire has left the building.

We might lose, we might win(I think we will), but like time and time again, this team has proved it won’t get ugly!


I have no idea what to expect but the 2019 Coogs earned my respect last Thursday night and I think they’ll put on a good game win or lose.

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I actually don’t give a SMU that much credit. If you recall I was the guy ragging SMU all week last week. I just don’t think anyone in our conference is that good this year. I should say anyone in the league outside ecu and USF can beat anyone else. It’s usually not that way. We usually have 2-3 very good squads…until bowl season.


You forgot UConn.