UCF should be moving up

13, 14, 15 and 17 all lost to unranked teams
18 struggling to win against unranked in the 4th

Michigan at 19 may leap frog UCF but that’s it. So UCF gets a huge jump to probably 14th in the rankings with a home game against 2-2 Pitt up next.

The reason this is huge is if they can break top 10 before week 10, they either break the glass ceiling in the CFP rankings or become such a huge conspiracy, the NCAA will have to step in before congress does.


CFP poll consistently had UCF lower than the other polls last year. See no reason to think that will change this year

You see no reason, I do. Not going to waste time because it doesn’t change the outcome.

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Announcers in UCF FAU game said no way they make the platoff even if undefeated again


Yep, there were media guys stating they were done because they cdidnt play UNC…the same team that lost to ECU.

System isn’t fair. The worst P5s always are attributed more prestige than the best G5.

We have a chance next year with our schedule, but it’ll be a tall task.

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I think UCF is overrated, but so are a lot of teams ranked this year.

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If UCF goes undefeated again this season and doesnt get into the CFP then the system is completely broken. The reason for switching from the BCS to the CFP was to allow teams deserving of a National Championship opportunity to compete. How a team going undefeated for 2 straight season isn’t deserving is beyond me.

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The system is completely broken.


But UCF being left out if they go undefeated again will definitely prove that.

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Agree but we already know the system is broken. I don’t think that any G5 will make the playoff unless it goes undefeated, beats at least 2 ranked P5s and 3 of the 5 P5 conference champs have at least 2 losses to unranked opponents. Playoffs is a pipe dream for G5. Even UH.


Their schedule is weak (again). If they played ANYBODY they’d get some consideration but not with that schedule (again). I don’t blame the committee.

The reason for switching was for the powers that be and television networks to make more money. “Deserving” didn’t even enter the conversation.


Up to 13…Texas, of course, makes a big jump.


Wow! They get top 20 and after Tt defeats UH and dominates Okie lite tech gets 25. :sleepy: Idk why I give these polls the light of day this early in the year every year.


Duke and Kentucky are in the top 25. Never thought I’d see that


More and more I think that it will take a year in which five or more P5 schools, including ND, are undefeated and one or more left out the the “Invitational” to prove to people that the system is broken.

As for congress stepping in, I don’t think that will happen nor will a lawsuit because no one has the nerve to file such a suit against the corrupt NCAA. The NCAA would simply “investigate” the plaintiff schools, find violations with which they can justify hamstringing the program (like G5s need anymore impediments to success). All under the auspices of the P5-loving NCAA board.

The NCAA doesn’t run the playoff, so I’m not sure what good it would do going after them. We need our government doing more important things.


Having to agree with RedDeath. The NCAA did not implement the CFP. Which is why I was saying that maybe the NCAA will finally step in if UCF finishes undefeated and left out of the playoff picture once again. Especially if a majority of the polls have UCF in the top 4.


[quote=“RedDeath2005, post:17, topic:14002, full:true”]
The NCAA doesn’t run the playoff,[/quote]

Bulls-eye! One of the NCAA’s governing principles is fairness. I have advocated suing the NCAA for not upholding one of their own core principles. I don’t think any school will do it or any collection of schools because it would be suicide for the football program.


Agree, but if they don’t, and I don’t think they will, a courageous lawsuit might be able to force them to step in.