UCF To Raise Championship Banner

At their stadium, Comcast. Nice to see them go against the P5 norm folks.


By doing so, they will will turn themselves into a meme. That’s just not how it works. They had an undefeated season and knocked off a college football giant in the Peach Bowl. And that’s it what it was. They’re certainly champions, but not national champions.

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Several outlets and multiple newspapers have named them the defacto national champion. It is not just self-awarded.


Love it and totally agree. Only undefeated team in the country.



I have no problem with this. What more can you ask a team to do than win all their games? It’s not their fault that the system was rigged against them. They need to give the top ranked G5 school (at the very least) a spot in the CFP. I think the 8 team playoff with P5 champs, top ranked G5, and 2 at larges would be fantastic TV and much more equitable.


No matter who wins the CFI (College Football Invitational) both of them were been beaten by Auburn.

Undefeated and then beat Auburn: there’s nothing fake or made up about being considered National Champs.

It’s certainly more of an objective analysis than what we are given by “the Committee.”


Auburn won a regular-season game over Georgia, only to lose its conference championship game to Georgia and its shot at the playoff. Beating a team that happened to defeat two of the teams in the playoff is really impressive, but not the crowning achievement that makes you an undisputed champion. I don’t buy it.

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Will UCF get any AP first placed votes? Split AP votes are common and undefeated non-BCS teams in the past got some first place votes. It all seems kind of random.

In 2004, 13-0 USC got 62, while 13-0 Auburn got 3 and 12-0 Utah got 0.
In 2006, 13-1 Florida got 64, while 13-0 Boise got 1.
In 2007, 12-2 LSU got 60, 11-2 Georgia got 3, 11-2 USC got 1, and 12-1 Kansas got 1.
In 2008, 13-1 Florida got 48, 13-0 Utah got 16, and 12-1 USC got 1
In 2009, 14-0 Alabama got 60, 14-0 Boise got 0.
In 2010, 14-0 Auburn got 56, 13-0 TCU got 3
In 2011, 12-1 Alabama got 55, 13-1 LSU got 1, 12-1 Ok St. got 4.
In 2012, 13-1 Alabama got 59, 12-0 OSU got 0.

Despite me going against the claim that they’re national champs, they should get some first-place votes and finish in the top 5-6.

The Peter Wolfe Rankings, which is an NCAA major selector for National Championships, has UCF at #1. UCF has a legitimate claim.


The CFP is not an NCAA event nor is it officially sanctioned by the NCAA. The NCAA isn’t even involved in the CFP award. This is why UCF can raise a championship banner and the NCAA will not say anything against it.


They are free to do how they please but I think it’s a little strange and unnecessary.

They have just as much a claim to being national champs as the two teams playing for the bogus version ESPN created.


The high school kids will not know the difference.

I also think any other schools that finished undefeated at the FBS level should put up banners.

If there is no playoff, why not? Football is not ice skating or diving or gymnastics or Miss USA. The field of play determines a champion.

No one is really claiming they are the undisputed champion. They’re basically claiming it because there isn’t one. And it’s not them beating Auburn that led to it. It’s much more about finishing undefeated when no one else did.

Self Annointed…Self Appointed…

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National Champs discussion aside, I just cannot stand the talking heads at espn discrediting any non P5 school. I love how the excuse for Auburn losing is that they didn’t want to be there. Maybe they didn’t but it doesn’t change that they have pride and want to win and especially win against a team deemed at “lesser” foe by almighty espn.


Thats a little much.

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That is how it works. Oklahoma State just put up a banner for their 1945 team this year even though the widely-recognized 1945 National Champion, Army, is considered one of the top teams ever. Alabama has some questionable claims to championships, as does Auburn, as do the Aggies. Without a true NCAA-sanctioned event, anyone can claim a national championship whenever they feel like it. UCF might as well do what the others are doing.