UCF vs UF Bowl sold out

College football: Gasparilla Bowl between Florida Gators and UCF Knights sold out (gatorsports.com)

Good draw with 2 major Florida teams.
But believe me most of the smaller bowls have no chance of being sellouts.
Probably the only way we would have sold out our allotted tickets would have been if we were playing the Agys


I wonder how close we were to playing Texas A&M in a bowl game. That definitely would have sold out, also.


They’re 2 hours away. If we were in a bowl 2 hours away with a rival SEC school we’d sell it out also


Yeah it would be like us playing texas in the texas bowl or something like that

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Probably not close at all.
SEC gets to put their schools into the match-ups they like for their bowl teams. That would not include leaving the possibility of A&M losing to UH.

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But it would include the likelihood of SEC Florida losing to UCF? Where is the logic there?

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I think more so if aggie lost to both auburn and bama and finished 6-6 their would be a higher likelihood of them playing in Birmingham

Agreed, if we play Aggie in Reliant bowl game or not it would sell out. That’s the SEC equivalent for us.

good on Florida and UCF for making this happen.

this is what bowl games SHOULD be. rivalry / regional games that otherwise dont happen.

its like some people just dont like money.

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We are in The American and only have two options for an SEC matchup; “playoff” or Birmingham. Birmingham gets 6-6 SEC teams.

And the Frog has it right, SEC protects the brand. They place teams for fan and field advantages. Crowd in Birmingham will be 20-1 against us.

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Florida vs. UCF is a SEC vs. AAC match-up

The Gaspirilla isn’t solely tied to the American. It’s the last choice SEC vs American, ACC, or PAC 12. It’s only UCF this year because it’s a great matchup for local fans. UH vs A$M in Tampa would draw 15,000.

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No way there would only be 15,000…I’d definitely go to that and I would bring both my UH friends and family and my TAMU friends and fsmily.

A night game on the eve of Christmas Eve in Tampa featuring two teams from Texas would be a disaster attendance wise.


My guess, from a SEC perspective, a relatively down UCF is not as much threat to an SEC school as an 11 win UH. I think Florida is favored by 7, so it is not a 1 or 2 point spread.

Then the SEC could claim that UCF is still inferior and they did agree to give UCF a chance without as much risk.

That said, my preference, go UCF.

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You don’t think the Birmingham Bowl will be sold out? It only seats 47k people. Auburn already sold out its allotment. When we played Memphis 6 years ago in this same bowl there were 59k people…

We maybe brought 2k people to Birmingham in 2014. If the game sells out it will almost entirely be from y’alls turnout plus random local interest.

We brought way more than 2,000 to Birmingham.

We were completely outnumbered by Vandy fans but that’s to be expected when the drive distance is 8-9 hours differential.