UCLA Chip Kelley about to be canned!

This is gonna get ugly for UH if they don’t move quickly!

If he’s coming back if they bring back Holgo I’m taking a :poop: on the 50 yard line and mailing it leadership!


Are you saying that we would compete with UCLA for a coach?

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I’m saying that there is going to be a lot of movement in the next 10 days and I think leadership is likely to sack Holgo if he doesn’t get to 6-6 this season.

But just like Aggies, why wait when you know he’s not winning both games against OSU and UCF!!! He’s just not!!!

2023 has been so bizarre someone will write a book about it; someone with daily ties to UH athletics department!

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this is where the reality sets in that even though UH is not close to competing with aggy, UCLA, Arkansas (or Baylor for that matter) they might be in competition for a coach with whatever program those other schools hire their next coach from…but then the reality sets in that tilman will get involved and make ego demands and that will turn off top candidates so it really does not matter when dana is fired in the season because the real detriment to hiring a top candidate will not be the timing it will be the illogical and idiotic demands made on candidates

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So you’re saying we’re gonna turn down Layne kiffin for a 3rd time !?!?!?!? :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I never would have thought that Chip Kelly will get fired at UCLA. To me it was an Urban Meyer like hire for them. Proves my point that most coaching change will get you equal or worse then what you have but still sometime changes have to be made. I believe UH has reached that point now with CDH.

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Put the money into "buying " the best team money can buy and buy the best assistants money can buy, starting with the DC.

The grass is not always greener with a new HC. Jimbo, Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly ard great examples