UConn? More Like UGone

Huskies have officially become the first FBS team to cancel football this year.

So that means Virginia and UNC have openings on their schedule.

I’m pretty sure those schools had already canceled with UConn.

Not having a conference made pulling together a schedule nearly impossible for UConn. I think that’s the real issue here.


Hard to believe they ruined our perfect season.


The first domino has fallen

I think they were looking for a way to drop football or go down to division two or three.


Waiting on the other independents (not Notre Dame), to also cancel their season.

Yeah, Notre Dame is playing an ACC schedule this season so they’re good (or as good as they can be given the situation). Maybe BYU can pull something off. Others are toast.

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Herman ruined his (our) perfect season.

Makes sense - you see the unrest coming down the road so bite the bullet.

I don’t think Army’s going to cancel. Even if the only games they wind up playing are Air Force and Navy, those games are getting played.


I heard on the Cleveland Ohio radio station (since I’m a browns fan now) that the governor of Connecticut wasn’t letting them leave the state.

I think it’s hilarious that UConn is paying the AAC 10 million to not play us in sports this year.
If only they had been patient.