UConn's 2015 win over UH not forgotten

UConn’s 2015 win over UH not forgotten
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“This program has lost one football game since the beginning of December 2014 with a lot of big wins in that two-year span,” Herman said Monday during his weekly news conference. “This program has had one loss - and it’s to the University of Connecticut.”

Diaco, UConn Resolute Heading Into Game Against Houston

“I said to the team, ‘Are we sad? Is that the emotion? Is that the energy? Or, are we resolute?’” Diaco recalled. “Everybody is resolute, angry, determined, seeing what we can be. What we should be, chances that got away, you can wallow in that. But [we’re] moving forward with great energy.”

Like I said all along, the coach was out coached. I think he learned a valuable lesson, time will tell.


He mentioned in his Monday press conference that we were stubborn last year with the inside running game. With Postma not being as elusive as Ward, I assume he was trying to use the inside run game to open up the play action pass. It didn’t work because the inside run game didn’t work. The inside run game isn’t really working this year either, so I expect to see a lot of jet sweeps, WR screens and RB screens to get our athletes out in space. That should also open up space for Ward to work his magic. I expect King to get lots of touches and have another monster game. #GoCoogs

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