UEFA Breakaway as a Model for the P5?

The 1st link below is a brief USA Today opinion piece that floats the idea the best of the P5 could copy a rumored change in Europe & form their own super-league to get/keep more money.

“Imagine having Alabama play a mostly SEC schedule but instead of playing Mercer or Southern Miss non-conference games they’re getting Notre Dame and Michigan. Plus they no longer have to share revenue with Vanderbilt.”

Precursor for College Football Evolution (Opinion): https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/04/creation-of-a-european-super-league-in-soccer-could-be-precursor-for-college-football-evolution

Possible European Super League: https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/european-super-league-top-clubs-reportedly-planning-breakout-competition-uefa-opposes-cynical-project/

UEFA PO’ed: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56794673

Don’t care anymore. The idea that these pigs need to mine more ways to make revenue is laughable.


Why would P5s need more money? Oh yeah, to pay their coaches millions more and to build luxury athletic facilities.


Not gonna happen. The p5s need all 120 to pad records. It would kill some major programs getting beat up and going 6 and 6 then attn drops. Major programs want 9 and 3 or better to keep the fanbase.


Ok they can stop taking tax money and getting tax exemptions. They can pay for their own facility upgrades and coaches. No more tax write off for BMD’s donating the money. If they want to diminish other public universities to run a business then they can get treated accordingly.


This is in regards to the European new super league. By no means this is a done deal. In fact this is more like an attempt to take over U.E.F.A.'s and F.I.F.A.'s control of the game.
How did this start? No it did not start with the the chinese virus doing major financial damages to pro clubs around the world.
It started the following way:
The glazers that own the Tampa Bay Bucaneers took control of Manchester United in 2005.
kronke that owns the Rams and multiple MLS teams took control of Arsenal in 2011
daniel levy took control of Tottenham in 2001. The club got a new stadium built with a signed contract to host nfl games and possibly a team relocated there.
Chelsea is owned by abramovich a mega Russian billionaire
The agnelli family that owns the Fiat empire but also Chrysler has close ties with American funding equities.
Milan used to be chinese owned now it is owned by the elliott management corporation
Inter Milan just in February announced that they contacted goldman sachs to raise $200M…what did you think they did this?
Atletico Madrid have been owned (51%)by the Gil Marin family for decades. idan ofer owns 30%. His company is actively active in the U.S. with holdings on the N.Y.S.E.
Barcelona is owned by the fans same with Real Madrid…with some exceptions.
jpmorgan is financing this “want to be” new league with right now a $6B pot.

Make no mistakes friends this is by far the biggest worldwide sports news in our lifetime.
All of these clubs are 100 years old or more.

The sports pyramid system that is used around the world does not exist in America.
In a nutshell your sporting exploits get you a chance to win the ultimate prize.
Let say you start a club today. You then start in the lowest leagues.
You win the lowest league then you are promoted to the next level and so forth until you play in the highest league of a given country. You do not do well (finish in the bottom three) you are then relegated.
Get it?
To qualify to play in the European Champions league you need to win your country’s league or finish in the top three or four of that same country’s league.

What these top clubs want to do is do away with the Pyramid, sports merit to get qualify for the European Champions League. Right now Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are not in their country’s top four. So on sports merits alone they would not qualify if their league ended today.
By not participating they lose $10M’s.

90% of worldwide soccer fans is against this concept. The MLS for example is an oxymoron. They should not be allowed to play in International competition.

Now the “franchise/nfl” concept is driven for one unique reason. FINANCIAL control.
The same nfl owners that own quite a few of these clubs had this in mind from the very beginning when they financially took control of these clubs.

Will this franchise league even starts?
Both parties had agreed for a European Champions League reform this past Friday. So these 12 clubs are trying a power play.

They are thinking that the football governing bodies of F.I.F.A., U.E.F.A. and the respective countries will fold to them.
Why now?
The European Nations Championship is this Summer. The 2022 World Cup is next year. Why does this matter?
The governing bodies have told that if the 12 clubs players participate they won’t be able to participate in these competitions and respective league.
The 12 clubs came out today to “gauge” waht they are up against. Some might say it is no longer a poker game. I am not so sure. What I can foresee are “gifts” financial gifts given to all that might disagree. I am thinking out loud but it is the most plausible. Here is what the nfl owners do not have a clue and never did.
Fans will never permit this new league. Players will be followed to their homes if they participate in this. The nfl owners have long thought that they could “install” this system. Nobody wants it.
Time will tell but this is indeed the darkest hour for the World’s game.

The P5 franchise league ALREADY EXISTS It is called the cfp. The cartel will eventually expand it but at the detriment of the G5’s again…Why on earth does the term G5 even exist? Do any of you even ask that to yourself? It is a franchise league without (not yet) the stamped label.


The thing is, most Euro soccer leagues also have promotion and relegation. Basically, if a team sucks for multiple seasons, it can get relegated/demoted to a lower level league. Likewise, if a team kicks butt at a lower level, it can get moved up to the big leagues.

Imagine if college football had that, and UH could get “promoted” to the P5!


Not happening. I really think the playoffs will expand and they offer the best g5 the 1 spot then everyone is happy. The p5s need the 120 teams for wins and to feel better. Plus the NCAA bb tourney the way it is is worth a lot.

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Thats exactly what they’re doing they’re trying to see what the interest is and what the repurcussions would be. JP Morgan is reportedly going to fund to the tune of 5Billion. I dont remember which other bank is going to fund all of it also but they have already done the writing for it.

This is a gross greedy plan by the clubs. As a RMadrid fan i dont like this and i know most if not all the players do not agree with this because not only is it more games they will be kicked out of all other competitions (as a threat).

Ultimately this is what the P5 want for their unrefined cfp scam. Its imperative all fans of smaller sports schools do what they can to stop greed.

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I couldn’t care less about soccer news. Especially soccer news in Europe.

Also, FIFA is a corrupt organization. I also hope the NFL does not go over there. They’re fans always look down on football and try to denigrate the super bowl. They don’t deserve the NFL over there. If the NFL were to expand out of the US, I think Canada is the only logical choice.

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Nothing to see here.no one wants 6and 5 teams beating each other up. The p5 needs the others and bb would suffer bc the there are 355 bb teams and the bb tourney is huge in money. We all need each other so forget this.

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The idea that these Euro-teams like Juventus and Inter can be in debt is disgraceful. They complain they need better revenue streams and are willing to break up their own leagues. No one forced them to pay players too much. They want the glitz and glamour without supplying the business discipline.

——- them.

Even their own fans don’t like this franchise experiment.


Can see this working in Europe because entire market is very concentrated. Suspect biggest objections will occur in UK, which as I recall from living there, will likely get government involved to protect their Premier League. I’ve always believed that US football will morph into super-league of four, 16-team conferences, making 8-team FCS playoff a reality. Existing teams will be grandfathered. Those teams have sufficient exposure in all major metropolitan areas to preclude some G5 teams from inclusion. Good a guess as any…?

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UHCoog the nfl model is what these 12 clubs want to do.
The nfl owners except a very few could care less about fans.
Texans, Chargers and most of the other franchises.
Do these franchises make the best effort possible to better their team?
No they do not.
What do they do best?
Get better and better tv/media contracts. Just look at the value of these franchises.
It has nothing to do with sport. We the fans have allowed this business model. The chargers left San Diego? I am no longer a season ticket holder and no longer support the team. That is my choice.
I used to think that cities should help these owners to help finance for a new stadium. I am now 100% against this premise. Why?
Why should I give my hard earned money for a franchise that could care less about its own team?
Let’s face it. The Texans for example have been a momentous sporting failure. There are no other ways to put it. The mcnairs franchise management history is a prime example for everyone to take a look at.
The Jaguars have already been in talks to relocate to the same new stadium that Tottenham built. I mentioned it. The nfl owners involved in this so called super league want to impose this type of franchise driven market. You can call it nfl or super league. This would be exactly the same.
By the way the same can be said for the nba and mlb. The NHL might be the only league that actually do what they can for their fans.

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Yes, it’s a billionaire’s club and they run it to benefit themselves. There is nothing I can do about it, so it’s just not something that I occupy my mind with. I prefer college football anyways. I used to be a Texans fan but stopped when they traded Hopkins. But I just don’t care if it negatively affects European sports.

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Fascinating story. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. And I agree it could be a prelude to what might happen here with college football.

I get the history, tradition and passion…though they use “supporter” instead of the term fans.

But at the end of the day it’s a business and it is driven by money. The top clubs are operating with a deficit so new revenue streams are attractive. As one GM (or what ever they are called) put it waiting until the last day of the season to learn if you make the top 4 and have an operating budget of 170 million versus 100 million is a big deal.

Though I don’t know how they will be able to have their cake and eat it too, by playing in the ESL and their domestic league.

SKY sports was dragging the proposal across the coals but if given a chance they would bid on the TV rights when it comes down to it.

And as pointed out the equivalent to an extent is CFB breaking away from the NCAA. Rich Eisen had a segment on his show making the comparison yesterday.

Listening to euro fans complain about traditions and rivalries being lost reminded me of conference realignment particularly when ATM left for the SEC and would no longer play UT.

And the Aresenal memes were a riot yesterday. Think of Arkansas or Nebraska now in the SEC and BIG respectively, they chased the money and went from being a front runners to doormat team.

I have generally thought of the passion fans in Europe have for their soccer teams was much closer to what college fans have for their teams.


So much for European super league; it’s folding like a cheap suit.

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Yeah, the backlash was swift.

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