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Yep correct could be co- existing with us on this planet under the oceans or inner earth as far as we know. We maybe their zoo animals they created for sport.

You guys believe that the government is suppressing aliens? No wonder the belief in voter fraud conspiracy was so widespread, people are so gullible.

See the lengths government will go to throw people off about the truth. True story U…S was testing out there new prototype jet fighter and wanted to keep it secret. So this pilot cleverly dressed up in gorilla costume to throw other pilots off. So if they started talking about this aircraft,with a gorilla flying, people would think there were crazy. The deception worked to perfection.


Woolam’s practical jokes on the ground continued even while he was in the air, according to author Sterling Michael Pavelec’s book “The Jet Race and the Second World War.” While flying the only jet aircraft in the skies over the United States, a plane no one else in the air knew about, he would join formations of propeller planes wearing the gorilla mask and derby hat, holding a “stogie.”

For many years I lived 70 miles from Roswell. Home to the world famous 1947 incident.

Recommend that all should go to The Roswell UFO Museum. Yes, it is a little hokey…but so what? It is different and has some interesting exhibits.

Due South is Carlsbad Caverns and due West is Ruidoso. This is a great Summer vacation area.


Why does Roswell smell so bad?

“I am just saying i have not seen any evidence yet. My dad and most of his friend’s spent 40+ years working for NASA and none of them has seen any evidence either.”

You’re dead wrong. I walked to the construction sight down the street and counted 13 aliens in the first ten minutes. People call me a crackpot and a tinfoil hatter. But I saw them.


Im not saying that intelligent life cannot exist somewhere else if the universe. But I grew up around the space program as my dad and most his friends worked there as did i early in my career. There was no talk of seeing any alien spacecraft.


Your dad talk to the late Gordon Cooper? He said they do and was an astronaut who went to space more than a few times on NASA dime. I’ll go with the fly boys than the ground controller’s.

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“I never heard Gordo mention UFOs the whole time he was an astronaut,” Slayton said yesterday from the Johnson Space Center in Houston. “The last time I saw him was last fall and he didn’t says boo about it.”

One must remember that Cooper is the guy who said he could see truck tracks in China and railroad tracks in Texas when he flew the sixth Mercury mission more than 15 years ago. None of the five astronauts before him saw what Cooper saw.

Here is a more recent sighting, people swear they see stuff

Did both, Roswell/UFO museum and Carlsbad Caverns, with the family some years ago. It was a blast.

another reason to outlaw whacky tobacky

And no one took a picture or video, in this day and age?

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I got pictures last week of IFOs. Identified Flying Objects.

We saw these two nights in a row out in Big Bend… Apparently they’re Starlink satellites being deployed. Can’t wait till the entire night sky is filled with these…:roll_eyes:

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We live In a time were everyone carries a video camera on them 24/7 and we still have no solid evidence. No such thing as little men from mars visiting us fellas.


How is it then you know their gender ?

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Don’t forget the video doorbells and security cameras.