Ugly Unis

Where can we get those UH Jordans?

I guess it’s all perspective, but you know when your program has truly arrived when the only thing we can gripe about is our Jordan Brand unis! Life is indeed good :sunglasses:!!!


Those are player exclusives shoes. I’m assuming pretty hard for the public to get their hands on them bc they are made specifically for players/teams only. I’d def want a pair though.

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One needs “big” feet to utilize any of those shoes . . . . .

If you hate ugly… You’re gonna hate Marquette’s J’s…

Unsure but the upper back patch might be a cover for a fitness tracker. Typically athletes wear these under their jersey.

With Bball it is not so easy to wear these hence a monitor placed under that patch.

Mylik Wilson’s uniform doesnt have the patch

I noticed that as well! Now I’m more curious about there being a sensor or something behind it.

I just bought some replica jerseys. Cheap too.


Nice, where do you get the iron-on UH patch for the back?

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Fudge it. I think we should embrace it. Someone make a sign that says “Go ugly early!”

Hmm… maybe that’ll get Jordans attention. :thinking:

Preach it, Brother NY!!!

They are great in person, terrible on TV.

If Gottlieb hates them, that’s good enough for me.