Ugly Wins - I take!

I want to be consistent. I said just days ago a win is a win.

I would like to see their next practice. It will be pretty rough.


I was thinking that the whole game until the last 5 minutes plus OT. I don’t think the comeback will save them.

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Nor should it. lol go get their butts, CKS!!!


Well the final four luster is gone. Time to get to work.




New year, new team. Some new faces and some old ones. It’s going to take time to gel. Hustle and defense will carry us for a while. Later this year we see how it ends up shaking out.


A lot of P5, name schools struggled tonight. Some lost.

Yes I know P5 doesn’t apply to basketball, but it suffices to identify them.

If no one noticed or mentioned, Hofstra was without the starter Ray, preseason conference player of the year to some, averaged 19 last year.

He absence was more of a setback to them than not having Mark was to UH.

Hofstra in the final 4… :sunglasses:

They played hard and their guards ( 4 and 5) were no slouches !!

I thought they got most of bounces, but in the end UH finally locked down defensively and won.

FT shooting…beyond terrible.

Scoring by the bigs…terrible.

Was encouraged by Moore’s and Roberts play.

Edwards has to score better, but other parts of his game looked good.

Free throws. Unbelievable.

The cure is running for the half of the team losing an intrasquad free throw shooting contest. Mimics shooting under pressure as well. You don’t want to let your FT shooting team lose. First to 10 made free throws wins, the others run. Been there.


Coogs lost some very experienced/top bball players and the new guys will take some time to grow.

They’re in great hands though. Lot of upcoming talent.

Every year its a new November. It seems like every November we are wringing our hands about the Coogs because of close wins or losses. By March they are really good. Sampson seemed happy that we struggled. He must have had a particularly hard time getting through to some of the guys and this close win will help.

Rice always gets fired up for us and normally come shooting well. Hopefully we play better Friday

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Yeah, but they will be over come that there are people in the stands !

Yeah, badly missed free throws… big pet peeve of mine. Hopefully, they fix it cuz it’s been an historically annoying curse of UH basketball.